Friday, August 16, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Healing crystals.
Herbal medicine.
And liberal arts majors.

These are thing things to avoid before ejaculating into a woman.


Anonymous said...

I can see why you are saying what you are saying, but there is a limit to what a man can be held responsible for.This poor dying kid's Dad was very likely shut out of his life before he was born. All the Dad exists for is to provide monthly checks. This is so sick.

Anonymous said...

Missing father aside, the state is absolutely criminal in this case. Disagree with state-sanctioned, state-licensed doctors? Get charged with a crime. You don't own your body, nor do you own your own children when the state is involved. The state employees involved should be sent to prison for life.

Do you personally not like how this woman handled her child's treatment? Too bad. You deal with your children and others get to deal with their children. The concept idea of freedom is that others can live their lives as they wish, and raise their children as they wish, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DISAGREE, ESPECIALLY IF THAT INVOLVES THEIR OWN MISFORTUNE OR DEATH. The state is not the arbiter of truth or wisdom and neither are you, no matter how much you might think you are right, even if you are right.

Guess what? I think they way you raise your children is abusive and they should be taken away by the state at gunpoint and raised in a way opposite of how you think. And I have experts and scientists on my side, because I'm right and you are wrong. They will be vegan tranny feminist global warming activists.

Either everyone is free or no one is free. There is no "common sense middle ground".

Robert What? said...

Chemotherapy usually does work initially. But it destroys the immune system so the cancer frequently comes roaring back in a number of years, requiring another round of chemotherapy. Alternative (or frequently called complementary medicine) works on building up the immune system.

Akuma said...

"And I have experts and scientists on my side, because I'm right and you are wrong. They will be vegan tranny feminist global warming activists."

And yet the men do nothing about it. Strange. Where have all the good men gone?

Anonymous said...

26 out of 27, fatherless

DocVinny said...

Bullcrap, Robert.

Most "alternative" frequently called complementary medicine doesn't do jack. Most talk about "strengthening the immune system", but when you ask for specifics their eyes glaze over. What part of the immune system? B cell activity? T cell activity? Regulation of cytokines? Interleukins? Which ones? Oh. Just "the immune system" in general. Science is hard.

Here's a fundamental truth for you. The majority of what walks through my door is going to get better if I leave it alone and let the body heal. A small percentage are going to die regardless of what I do. Of the remaining percentage, crystals and rattle shaking aren't going to fix them, because sometimes you have to use the real medicine.

A few years ago we spent a ton of money setting up a system to evaluate "alternative medicine" in this country. Not one proved to be worth a damn. Show me one and I'll consider using it with my patients. No hurry. I'll wait..