Friday, August 02, 2019

The Father WAS Available for Comment

But fuck nuclear families and marriage cause reasons.
Just stick your dick in any hole.


Un Americano said...

The Father WAS Available for Comment

And he will still be blamed. Give it time.

Robert What? said...

I don't understand what she did wrong. It was only post-partum abortion.

David said...

I have few questions about the father of those kids.

1) How can he be heartbroken if he has never laid eyes on those kids? Sure he could have been alienated from one kid, but two? Something just doesn't add up.

2) Both of those kids have different last names than the mother. Isn't this a tell-tale sign that she might have had more than one father?


3) Since it has been established that she did like whoring, how do we know that the father that was available for comment the real biological father? It is plausible that he could have been duped into thinking he was the father.

Regardless, hope this evil bitch enjoys prison. Hopefully the prisoners in the UK just like the US don't take too kindly to child killers.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is she could have just handed them over. She could have just been like "Here dude, take your little shit machines and leave me alone. They're cramping my style. YOu can have 'em, just don't ask me for money. I'ma go fuck all the dicks." But she'd rather murder her children than give them up to her exe.

The Scary thing is; this is not an odd or awkward frame of mind for the average single mother at all. There's a lot of women out there who will kill their children before giving a single inch or ounce to "HIM".

TroperA said...

From the article comments:

"Just dropped my 4 year old off a daycare and felt a little heartbroken for leaving him even though I'll be picking him up in 5 hours...I just can't comprehend this. The cruelty and selfishness that some people are capable of just blows my mind....."

Like the cruelty and selfishness of leaving your child to be raised by strangers for 5 hours every day. Too often kids like this will be looked after by one group of women when they're a baby, only to be ripped from that mother figure and forced to bond with another mother figure in the "older kids" group once they age out. Then they'll be forced to leave that mother figure when they go to kindergarten. It's all very traumatizing. Why do mothers have kids in the first place if they're only going to get rid of them or pawn them off once they become inconvenient?