Friday, August 30, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #306 - The "Early Morning" Episode

Cappy chats about:
True misogynists who hate anything female or beautiful.
Cappy graduates to SUPER MISANTHROPIST!
People who are NOT-A-DOCTOR
Lowering standards for women is sexist to both genders.
Chicks who never save Africa.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
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Anonymous said...

I don't hate women at all, but they simply are not worth my time. Living the drama free life baby, feels good.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

If you wish to, spend time with women...BUT remember that what you're doing is reminding yourself to "keep them "at arms' length"; remember how mentally and emotionally unstable the majority of them are, as well as what a threat they present to your freedom, your employment, your education, and your well-being.
Also remember that all Princess Snowflake has to do is make a false accusation...

"If a woman cannot be a good example, then she must serve as a dire warning instead."