Monday, August 19, 2019

Episodes #55 and 56 of The Older Brother Podcast

Episode #54 (Technically 55) The "Return of DT" Episode

Stream Yards beats the shit out of YouTube
Days of Zero GDP production
Allowing literal mental retards into college.
Vynil vs laminate.
Ingredients of revenge.
Vineyards, waterfalls, and stripper poles.

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Episode #55 The "Return of Super Chads" Episode

Doctor Huxtable's House vs. Cappy's.
Running into OJ Simpson.
Portland Trader Joes - the definition of hell.
The world's dumbest journalism major.
Men want sex...believe it or not.
Soundcloud's UGLY models they have on their main page.

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Post Alley Crackpot said...

Right, stripper poles ...

Know how to spot a stripper in America trying to pretend she's future housewifey material?

Just spray everything with Lysol and watch how she gets squicked out by it.

American strip clubs use Lysol by the pallet load to keep the stripper poles from being completely nasty, and so the smell association sets pretend future housewifey material grrrl back in her place.

It's fantastic fun to watch. :-)

OJ Simpson should do comedy!

It'd never get old watching people come up to him trying to give him "his one glove" back.

"Seriously, a rhinestone glove? What kind of midnight cowboy do you take me for? This is bullshit, this glove does not even fit ..."

I'd watch at least one episode. :-)

Anonymous said...

GoDaddy is shit. Only dumb boomers use GoDaddy, and God knows why. Never use them for anything.