Saturday, August 17, 2019

Yes, Some Women Love Their Careers More than Their Children


LBD said...

Snazzy har, CC, but if you’re not an Orthodox Jew you shouldn’t be wearing it indoors. 😉

Anonymous said...

Friggin brilliant! You need to post this to YOUR fb PAGE.

Anonymous said...

Cappy is too charitable to women in this video.

The key to any woman married to a beta male (and a man willing to wife her up is typically a beta in her eyes), is that she refuses to make a net profit at the household level.

(You've probably noticed the intense lack of concern / disdain for profits among women at your place of work. It's universally a woman thing).

If you ran the calculation to show that her job actually lost money for the household, she would be completely unmoved and secretly pleased. A beta deserves anything but her best. Making a household profit for a beta would nauseate her.