Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But this one has a special flair!

You see, she waited until the child was born to smother it and kill it.

Now think about this.  If she had just gotten an abortion 5 minutes before going into labor, she would have been celebrated as a hero. 

She was too stupid to get an abortion, and that 5 minute difference made her a murderer instead of a hero.

Enjoy the freaking decline.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if we just executed murderers of all kinds, instead of giving them a lazy life of leisure on the public dime.

A Texan said...

I guess she is a 'mom' in the same sense an animal is before some abandon them.

Based on the physiognomy of the picture she does not seem particularly bright.

BriarRabbit said...

Rule by marxists or muslims... I'm starting to lean heavily towards Islam. They at least draw a firm line in a more appropriate place and punish anyone crossing it.

Anonymous said...

Under Canadian law, she would have been prosecuted for infanticide, which can only apply to mothers with children under twelve months. The penalties are a lot less.

Kevin McCabe said...

Exactly. Another proof late term abortion should be categorized as murder under ANY moral / logical benchmark.

Robert What? said...

She did nothing wrong. It was simply post partum abortion.

Quartz said...

Maybe she thought she was in Sparta?