Friday, May 22, 2020

Cappy's Moab Adventure Part 1

Greetings All,

As you've noticed with the lack of content, Cappy is on an adventure.  Here are some pics from the Moab/Blanding/Lake Powell area.  This is the first foray of many into this monstrously large territory.  Even with the national parks closed, there's a ton of BLM land that is open where me and the Great One have done some hiking.  It will easily take another week long reconnaissance trip just to get my bearings straight in this area to know with any level of certainty which areas are best for hiking.

Remember to work hard, pay taxes, do what the government tells you, and whatever you do, NEVER EVER EVER EVER do anything independent minded or original.


tdcommenter said...

I expect a roadrunner to zip through some of the photos with a coyote in pursuit.

Leeholsen said...

so jealous !

you and the guy who runs the oasis of my soul website(traveled the usa nonstop with his dog until his dog died recently) are who I really want to be. unfortunately, like so many others; my fears of responsibility and disappointing others by not being a good cog in the machine likely dooms me to a pathetic existence when I could have an enjoyable one as a minimalist at any time.