Saturday, May 30, 2020

NPC's Only Understand Force

They do not understand


You cannot

"have a conversation"
"have a discussion"
"break bread with"
"reason with them."

Force and only force is what they respond to.


john smith said...

The force of the ignorant unwashed mob or the force of the low IQ sociopathic thugs of the state. Name your poison. Or you can do what I and so many other adherents of Cappy's sage advise have done. Retreat to the boonies, far from the madding crowd (props to Thomas Hardy) of the mob and government.

The war is over. It is merely an accounting of the bodies left to be done. In the boonies, neither the mob nor the government thugs prevail.

The wise man recognises this. Retreat in the face of imminent defeat is not cowardice. It is the definition of wise.

Good luck, gentleman. It is bad and it is going to get worse, much worse. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. The storm has now crossed the horizon and is headed straight for you. Prepare well. Cheers, I think.

HOSP said...

Super long on popcorn futures. Need to replenish my 40 year supply, since I ate it all during Corona-Chan. Corona-Chan, nothing it can't do!

Swede said...

I know, I know, dead horse and all that. All this trying to change minds and bring people over is just wasted time.

Enjoy the decline.

Unknown said...

These riots will only end when rioters get shot in the face. Either the government will do it, or the rioters will finish off the cities and move into the suburbs, where the townsfolk will shoot them in the face.