Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Curious Conflicting Behavior of Democrat Governors

Remove two governors.

The completely worthless and ideologue tyrant Gavin Newsom.
And the epitomal American cunt Gretchen Whittmer.

And focus if you will on the remainder of democrat governors and other relatively high-level  democrat government officials.

What you have left are (in general) democratic politicians who, in my opinion, are making the hard decision to stay under lock down (or miserly and molassesly reopen their economies) to save lives.  It's not an easy decision.  It's not a fun decision.  But I honestly believe governors (like Tim Walz for example) are NOT keeping their states closed for ulterior political motives, or to spite Trump in the 2020 election, or are so power hungry/ideological they do so for kicks like Newsom and Whittmer.  They are instead balancing the lives that would be lost to COVID 19 should they re-open their economies vs. the lives lost (and destroyed) if they don't.  Again it is a hard task and one I do not envy.

But riddle me this, riddle me that, why are democratic governors all of the sudden making unpopular decisions that are in the best interests of society (at least in their minds)?

The reason I ask this question is that until COVID 19 came along and put them in this paradox, you could almost always rely on democrats to make the decision that would be popular in the here and now, but cost society in the long run.  The perfect example of this being the black community (but also women and other minorities).  It doesn't take a genius to realize that flooding any community with welfare and government dependency would result in a destruction of a work ethic, a destruction of work, and consequently a destruction of the ability to produce wealth.  Thus, creating government dependence may be popular in the short term and garner votes, but in the long run would create poverty, crime, and poorer physical and mental health.  And if pointing out racial disparities is too uncomfortable for you, just look at the likes of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland which pay for their homeless' drugs and booze, as well as lets them defecate on the streets.  This enabling has destroyed hundreds of thousands of homeless people's lives, just as the democrat's welfare state has destroyed millions of black people's lives.  It shows that the democrats could not care less about the people they claim to want to help, and only care about getting votes and their own political power.

Until now.

NOW all of the sudden, democrats are seemingly capable of thinking long term, so much so many are making the unpopular decision to remain closed or incrementally re-open their economies at a snail's pace.  Even if it threatens their political career.

To be honest I'm confused by this genuine and new-found statesmanship.  If democrat governors (like mine - Time Walz) are capable of standing on principle, doing what is in the best interests of the people, even if it threatens their career, how then can they continue to support a welfare system that has provably destroyed generations of poor people's lives?  How can they support government subsidized loans for worthless college degrees that only destroy young people's finances?  How can you let American Indians wallow in effective municipal/local communist economic systems?  How - bar COVID 19 - are nearly all their policies bribing their constituent children with cake, instead of forcing them to eat their political and economic broccoli?

Perhaps there is something different about COVID that has brought maturity and foisted statesmanship upon democrat governors.  Perhaps the democrat ideology/religion only recognizes death as a real threat as opposed to mere impoverishment and destitution.  It could just be the medical experts scared the life into them over COVID 19 and they're actually taking this seriously.  But regardless of how this change in behavior came about, I encourage democrat governors (as well as all people who consider themselves democrats) to take this mature, serious, long term view of COVID 19 and apply it to ALL political issues they care about.  You'd be surprised how much good you could accomplish.

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Maniac said...

Looks like the citizens of Commiefornia might be snapping out of it:

GregMan said...

You can add Il Duce Cuomo to that list.

Anonymous said...

Control...They have it now and don't want to lose it.
All the previous decisions result in you being under their control instead of self-sufficient.

Vader999 said...

Here's the thing, Captain.......

Just because they're capable of making the odd good choice, it does not make these greedy politicians moral. Sometimes, even evil people will do some good to ensure their power structure survives. The notoriously corrupt Pope Alexander VI, for instance, was actually a very capable administrator and secular ruler. If he wasn't the pope, if all he did was just be some secular prince in Rome who banged hookers and sired illegitimate kids now and then, he wouldn't be so bad. He even accepted Jews fleeing from religious persecution in Spain, where the Spanish Inquisition defied orders and began persecuting non-Catholics(when in reality, they were only authorized to persecute Catholics who were possibly becoming heretics). He was also a big fan of science and literature, as well as drama, music, and the arts, using his great wealth to support them. If this guy lived today, you can certainly bet the media would be covering for him. Yet he's still the same guy who started wars, poisoned other Cardinals, placed his bastards in great positions of power, and bought the Papal throne with four mule-loads of silver. Every story about crooked popes starts with him. And yet even he's capable to doing good, if only to save face and keep his legitimacy.

In the same vein, these Democrat socialist politicians are capable of acting honest and responsible, if only because they need to preserve the power structure that gives them wealth and power. So if they need to act responsible and do something for the welfare and continued safety of the public, they will, just so they can bask in the honor of having done something right. But at the same time, they're willing to screw over the next generation and the minorities to such an extent that even Alexander VI would look like a saint in comparison to them, because hey, they will grow richer and more powerful from it.

Something that I can see many of our Protestant brothers and sisters don't understand is that people have free will. Our dear evangelical friends separate people into two categories: the good, who are graced by God, and the evil, who have condemned themselves to a future of suffering. But what they ignore is something that was at the start of the Bible to begin with: humans have the free will to do right and wrong. Someone who's evil can do something good for people, for society, in order to legitimize his claim to power or stabilize his power structure. In the same vein, we've seen many people whom we look up to screw up, which goes to show that even the "Elect" can screw things up rather badly. We've seen individuals and groups whom we've come to trust fall down and crash in flames because they weren't as wise as we thought they were. But if that can happen to good people and groups, then the inverse can happen for people and groups that have usually screwed things up.

After all, you know the saying, "even a broken clock is right twice a day."

Anonymous said...

Cappy, there is an election component to the democrat governors bullshit. What this is really about for some states is federal bailout money, i.e. Illinois. They are simply looking for a payday.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... how then can they continue to support [substitute for X] that has provably destroyed generations of poor people's lives?"

It's an eminence front!
An eminence front!
It's a put-on, a put-on ...


Tucanae Services said...

"Perhaps there is something different about COVID that has brought maturity and foisted statesmanship upon democrat governors. Perhaps the democrat ideology/religion only recognizes death as a real threat as opposed to mere impoverishment and destitution. ..."

Come now Cappy, its as plain as the nose on your face -- Orange Man Bad. The only difference between most of them and Newsome and Whitmer is they can hide it better. The entire party is assuming if they crater the economy it will permit them a win in November. What they have not figured is that the onus on the economy has passed from Trump to them alone. Trump has 2-6 point lead in the battleground states and that is what matters.

David R Cass said...

No, these governors are not any of those nice things you say about them. They don’t understand (to say it nicely).

Total deaths is not the important statistic. The important statistic is the number of people who die who don’t have underlying medical conditions.

You cannot mitigate deaths of the young and healthy. You can mitigate the deaths of the old and sick because you can identify them. You can identify them just by looking at them. You know where a whole lot of them live. Nursing homes and retirement homes. But you can’t identify who among the young and healthy will die.

Purely Covid-19 deaths:
6 out of a population of 3.3 million in San Diego County reported on May 15, 2020
113 out of a population of 3.0 million in Chicago as of May 14, 2020
99 out of a population of 8.4 million in New York City as of May 14, 2020

Summed up, that is 148 ten millionths of their populations. By the time this disease runs its course we might have a few thousand people die in the whole of the US that had no apparent underlying medical condition.

The only way to mitigate the lives of those people is to do a complete shutdown. Not this half assed thing. It all needs to be shut down thoroughly and completely and for months if you are to save those that you cannot identify.

We are not willing to reduce the speed limit to 35 mph to save 30,000 lives a year. And we are not willing to save a couple thousand lives of healthy people. That is the way it is.

It is criminal that these governors you speak of have let tens of thousand old people die. People who the governments could easily locate. Instead of focusing on a lockdown they should have focused on the vulnerable. To me, these governors are guilty of negligent homicide.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, you are giving them too much credit. I think they love the exercise in power.

ws1835 said...

You forgot the sarc/ tag Cappy.....