Saturday, May 23, 2020

How Social Scientists Lied to the Millennials

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  While parents, teachers, politicians, and the media all lied to Millennials either out of laziness, profiteering, or politics, it cannot be understated just what a huge and destructive effect the social sciences and the social "scientists" had on the Millennials.  Everything from finances, education, love, even mental health, social scientists advanced their pet theories (and laughably bogus careers) ahead of the best financial, mental, romantic, and general interests of the Millennial generation.

I personally find it hilarious the Millennials still believe in the leftist schlock their social science overlords programmed them with - evidence as to the efficacy of the brainwashing of social sciences.  They are so steeped in their indoctrination, they don't see what these vile evil humans did to them, even continuing to side with them.  But alas, that is just how powerful their indoctrination was.

It is, once again, too late for the Millennials to do anything about their situation.  But for Gen Z and all future generations it is not.  But a good starting point to make sure you don't end up like a Millennial is to identify and recognize the social sciences for the cancer they are.


Some 30 years later we have our answer to the great experiment.  Human nature, with its 100 billion participants, 2 million year track record, and derived conventional wisdom absolutely knows better than the social scientists and their precious social sciences.  Matter of fact, not only was nature better, but the social scientists were absolutely, completely wrong about well…everything.  It’s almost as if they purposely set out to come up with the absolute worst possible advice ever, arguably aiming to destroy humanity rather than deliver it to utopia.  And the Millennial generation proves it.

Though by no fault of their own, the Millennials are by all means a disaster.  They are an abomination, an abortion of a generation where – horrible as it may be to say this – many of them would have been better off never being born.  And while we will delve into the details and proof of this disaster in the next chapter, any cursory review of articles, stories, or anecdotes written about the Millennials has shown a complete and utter failure to launch.

Millennials are so crippled with debt many will never achieve the American dream of home ownership, let alone be able to retire.

Millennials have completely useless degrees that give them no skills to survive or succeed in the real world.  Worse, most of said degrees impair Millennials further by indoctrinating them into self-pitying political ideologies that make them liabilities, not assets, to any potential employer.

Millennials have more mental health issues than any generation before them, but this optimistically assumes their mental health problems are genuine.  What’s an even scarier prospect is the chance these mental illnesses are being faked or made up, merely to beget attention, disability status, or something as sad and pathetic as pity.  And worse than that, how much of said mental illnesses are a function of bad parenting versus an actual mental illness among Millennials?

Speaking of parents, Millennials live at home at levels only southern Europeans could dream of, often times living at home well into their 30’s.  This certainly does not help family formation, let alone their love lives.  Of course, this optimistically assumes Millennials know what their sexuality is as they’ve made up 48 genders apparently out of thin air.

Millennials have destroyed colleges, universities, and higher education, not only inflating the market with unnecessary tuition dollars for worthless degrees, but making the college environment toxic with safe-spaces, anti-free speech codes, false rape allegations, and a War-of-the-Sexes that made the 1960’s America and Soviet Union look downright chummy. 

They are romantically and socially stunted.  They’re addicted to their phones, social media, and dating sites, yet are deathly afraid to go out on a date, ask a girl out, say yes to a date, or just socialize in public.  And yet, despite being in the prime of their youth, record numbers of them report never going on dates, never having a boy/girlfriend, being a virgin, having no friends, and being lonely.  Most boys stay at home, jerk off to porn, and play their video games.  Most girls live on their smart phones trading real love in for digital attention.  And every great once in a while one of them loses it, goes “incel,” and shoots up a place or two in sexual frustration.

They love their politics more than their fellow human, their political causes more than any profession or job they might have.  They’re more than happy to replace the family with the state and in a warped sense prefer to work, commute, and pay taxes than stay at home and raise their own children.

And like their politics they take more value in being a conformist by getting tattoos, dying their hair purple, grooming perfectly effete beards, implanting ear gauges, shaving half their heads, and in general being physically repulsive than they do any accomplishment like starting a business, building a product, paying off their debts, building a house, starting a family, working out, or merely supporting themselves. 

They are fatherless, purposeless, rudderless, lonely, unhappy, indebted, talentless, meaningless, leaderless, unaccomplished, and have no agency or purpose in this world.  They are a failing generation who are simply unable to support themselves, resulting in crippling levels of debt and an unsustainable society that will collapse, not a utopia. 

But above all else, they are blinding, irrefutable proof that the social sciences were dead wrong and human nature was 100% right.  Fancy 50 year old social theories about not spanking your children, positive reinforcement, building “self-esteem,” and replacing fathers with the state don’t hold a candle to the wisdom all of human history has accumulated.  And unless we acknowledge the failure of the social sciences and revert back to common sense, future generations can expect to have the same level of success, wealth, happiness, and love as the Millennials.

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Post Alley Crackpot said...

Ever wondered if this is all a part of the grand plan to Collapse The Empire?

I don't, because that'd presume that America and Western countries actually have competent and capable adversaries instead of being very lucky that the grand plan appears to be institutional and social self-emasculation according to variations of Marxist methodology.

But even The Great Adversary of Twentieth-Century America can't seem to get its shit together beyond being a huge provider of raw materials and strange ersatz products.

Ever tried The Great Adversary of Twentieth-Century America's fake Parmesan cheese?

It's interesting ... once.

Know a people better by their more pathetic endeavours and absurd products of their labour.

Also ... "Vince Rostenkowski" now, is it?

"Vince" should just go by the name "Vince Kostenlos", because at this rate, in a few months "Vince" will have given away all of the chapters to this book for free.

"Vince" also needs to work on his operational security a bit, because the entire reason that "Vince" even exists is that "Vince" is the operational security condom that someone has to use so he doesn't contract a social disease when he gets fucked by activist Leftists.

But who are we kidding, "Vince"?

The biggest buyers of this book are probably Gen X anyway, insofar as they need written polemics that prove them correct, and the only way the Millennials will get this information is what "Vince" keeps doing. :-)

As for those activist Leftists "Vince" was afraid of?

"Vince" still isn't over the target yet.

You'll know when "Vince" is over the target when those activist Leftists try to find you personally out on one of those little domestic travel junkets you like to write about in near-realtime so they can get leverage over "Vince".

Be like "The Nightfly", respect that seven second delay you use. :-)

Ever read George Orwell's "The Prevention of Literature"?

"... the controversy over freedom of speech and of the press is at bottom a controversy of the desirability, or otherwise, of telling lies."

No better time than the present, because lies are something that we are very unlikely to find in short supply.

Besides, Eric Blair hated what he'd become in the service of the British Empire, and slowly arranged to kill himself over a period of roughly two decades while producing warning after warning in the guise of George Orwell.

Cautionary tales are also precautionary tales.