Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Why Men Need to Prepared for the Next Stage in the Sex War

I will be blunt and honest.

I tire of addressing the war of the sexes.  I know it is the number one, hard-wired, biologically programmed thing in both men and women's minds.  I know sex and the pursuit of women is the only reason all that you see around you in terms of innovation, creation, and economic production exists.  I know that without the other, there is not much else going on, though there are many hobbies and pursuits in life that still make existence and sentience a net positive.  But though the opposite sex is the number one thing in life, it gets tiring, because, well, it is tiring.  No progress is made, no intellectual honesty comes from the other side, no epiphanies are realized, and nothing is going to change.  What we are witnessing among women is their biological programming executing itself as it naturally would in these new socio-economic conditions.  And since it is hard-wired, there is not much more to do than acknowledge it, realize it, learn from it, and move on.  You are not going to change it.  It is the ultimate exercise in stoicism that men must make since action and agency are only incumbent upon you.

But I would be remiss if I did not share an epiphany I had whilst driving back from Moab.  And it is one that needs to be shared, realized, and explained as it will have huge ramifications for any men left in the game going forward.

In general, women are programmed to find and consume resources.  This is nothing bad or evil, it's just human nature.  That is how they survived.  They sought resources so that they and their children would survive.  In the olden days this meant finding a strong man as a suitor who could provide for and protect her children.  Today they find this surrogate in government checks and their careers as they literally do not need no man (fishbicycletrademark).  And concurrently with government government support, women divorce their husbands further securing resources (be it alimony or child support).  But another aspect of human nature (both male and female) is that they must constantly be progressing.  Be that in their career, consuming food, having experiences, "YOLO-ing," education, whatever.  Human beings have to constantly progress otherwise they are regressing (which in the past would mean their demise).  And you can see this particularly in government policy/politicians.

For example take city councils.  Minneapolis municipal politicians have so little to do in their lives they've banned drive thru's (because  "global warming.")  Multiple cities have banned plastic bags (because again "muh global warming.")  And it just took one turtle to have the entire west coast ban plastic straws.  These are absurd laws that are going to hurt more than help, but the compunction to constantly be "doing something" compels humans to "progress" all the time even if that progress is in fact damaging.

You combine these two innate human psychological traits and a very scary picture is painted about the future of female behavior.  Even with the government supporting them, corporations sexistly hiring them over men, divorce courts handing them billions in resources....

it will never be enough.

It can never be enough.

Because it is human nature to constantly progress.

And so where are they going to get MORE money in the future?

A Problem For Women, A Problem for Men

The problem for women is that men aren't that stupid.  Over the generations, men will and have figured things out, and especially so under the light of being replaced by government (not to mention being told we're toxic, are sexist, have privilege, etc.).  Men have also have been forcibly shown the light through divorce - either being divorced themselves or seeing their fathers, brothers, and friends get destroyed by divorce.  And like any logical creature would, they avoid the pain and cost of divorce by never getting married in the first place (enter complaints of "why can't I find a man" here).

With the internet, the news, statistics...oh...and them witnessing their fathers getting butchered by divorce, younger men have logically eschewed marriage, opting for co-habition or simple bachelorhood instead.  You throw in the uphill battle of student loans and affirmative action, and these hurdles make it harder for men to become marriage material (let alone father material), making the choice of video games, porn, and obesity an easier choice.  Men are calling it quits on marriage in part because they want to, but also in part because they don't have the funds, leading to the decline in marriage today.

But this presents a problem for women because it essentially removes their entire private sector source of funding and resources.  Yes the government will provide.  Yes, you will get preferential hiring treatment via affirmative action, even entire make-work industries to employ women so you can make believe you're being a real adult working your "social worker" job.  But without a husband to bring home resources, or a husband to divorce that will continue to pay you resources, women's overall income is cut in half.  And given human's perpetual need to "progress" and consume more, women are unconsciously having to make up for the loss of marriage/divorce revenue.

This is where it gets dark.

Because without men voluntarily committing to women under the law of marriage, women have to come up with new ways to get money out of men privately instead of relying solely on the government.  And while there are certainly upstanding, reputable women who support themselves with their own legitimate careers, without marriage being on the table, women are becoming increasingly desperate to extract more resources out of men.  And they're going to do it by making male nature not only toxic, but illegal.

We've already seen the beginnings of this happen.  The push to redefine rape and sexual assault is a clear and obvious attempt by feminists (predominantly on campus) to make normal (though perhaps annoying and awkward) male behavior illegal.  "Sexual assault" can be a man unconsciously bumping into a woman's breast on a bus, a drunk man getting too handsy at a bar, or an idiot noob calling a girl three times unknowingly attaining the status of stalker.  And if a woman is drunk and has consensual sex, that is rape (but the man can drink as much as he wants).

Asking a woman out at work is now a no-no, no matter how much in the past that might have lead to happy marriages, and no matter how much it's none of the employer's business.  This, however, optimistically assumes women wanted the advances anyway, and now the natural male act of asking a woman out is enough to get a man fired.  It also gives women a powerful weapon to ruin a man's life with an accusation (either true or false) of natural (though regrettable/annoying) male behavior.  

There is also the American Psychological Association trying to make masculinity "toxic."  Gillette's misandrist, man-hating ad being the real world, private sector incarnation of it.  But let that sink in.  Natural male behavior is not only toxic, they're trying to make it a mental illness.

And finally, there's the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.  This disaster was not so much a disaster because of its politics, absurdity, and exposing the democrats for just the most amoral self-serving scum they are, but the "believe all women" psychopathy that followed.  It was an attempt to get society to believe that women should be believed, all the time, everytime, with absolutely no proof.  Any intellectually honest person can see where such a warped power and bias could lead to tyranny and oppression.  But what is really scary is damn well near half the population believes in "believing all women" regardless of proof.  And any man who's been assaulted by his wife, but was the one who got arrested is aware of the Duluth Model and how it absolutely does NOT deliver justice, but tyranny.

The Jump from Social Shaming to Codified Law

All of this is merely feminists, some women, and socialists (male or female) sharpening their knives and preparing men for the slaughter.  If they can't get men to support them through marriage-and-then-divorce, they will get men to support them by making normal male behavior illegal and a suable offense. And what makes this a particularly dangerous trap is that it relies on the strongest biological force in the universe - the male sex drive.

So if you ask out Suzie in accounting on a date, you may not only lose your job, but you might get a law suit.

You make a drunken pass at a girl at a party, the cops are showing up at the door.

You didn't get the consent form signed and the "happy after-sex text," and now you're facing 5-10 for rape, but also owe the lady reparations.

What's scary is how so much of this is already happening in extreme cases, or cases where there is no law, but a circus court nonetheless (namely, universities and HR departments).  But it is not that far of a jump to where male behavior goes from an unwanted act to an illegal one that you are then entitled to compensation for.  And as less and less men get married, and fewer and fewer resources are being offered to women via non-governmental venues, I fear in the future male behavior will be perniciously punished with fees, taxes, fines, and other forms of wealth transfers to compensate women for this loss of income.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Unfortunately, what is likely to happen is just an acceleration of what is happening now. A retreating of men for society.  A divestment from society by men.  And with that increasing withdrawal of men from society, women and socialists will have to enact increasingly draconian laws to continue to extract resources from unmarried men for male behavior.  This will only further push men away from society (but especially women), and thus result in a downward spiral where merely interacting with women will be deemed too risky a behavior (already manifested by many men following The Pence Rule).

This will have the added and regrettable effect of putting men and women into their own respective echo chambers, radicalizing them to hate one another.  Women will increasingly seethe at men for their oppression, patriarchy, etc., etc., but will also seethe at the lack of "real men" that are available for them to date (and what rare "real man" they find will be so rare, he will never commit to them, driving them to hate men further).  Men will just (frankly) be scared shitless to have any dealings with women - romantic, sexual, social, or financial - because any interaction will be too risky.  And, thus, with no prospects of marriage on the table, will continue their retreat into video games, porn, netflix, and NEETdom.  Marriage and birthing rates will drop, ponzi welfare systems dependent on growing populations will crash, cultures will be wiped out, and society will reset itself all over again as there will no longer be a "government" to rely upon, forcing women (however regrettably) to put men and not government checks at the center of their lives.

It may not happen today.  And will likely not happen tomorrow.  But young men should be aware that the phenomenon of taxing men for male behavior in lieu of marriage-and-divorce is a very real possibility in the future.  And for us older men who have completely checked out or gone ghost, it will be a very interesting movie to watch as we all enjoy the show and, of course, Enjoy the Decline.

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SM777 said...

"Yes the government will provide."
With the ongoing fed reserve note collapse covered over by the Corona-Hoax, I wonder about the time table for when the gov. can no longer provide.

john smith said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. For feminism to work, men couldn't change. That is the bedrock of feminist strategy. They knew they could expoit men's natural tendencies with impunity. And for decades they successfully did so.

They have, with zero doubt, won the battle. But the war wages on. Feminist strategy is akin to the strategy of the US military post WWII. It was designed to fight continent wide campaigns in a war of annihilation. And still is. It has proven ineffective against the war of attrition guerilla tactics perfected by the North Vietnamese and adopted by every war making group since then that knows it stands zero chance fighting the US military at what it does best. Just ask Sadaam Housein how Desert Storm worked out for him.

Men have learned from their personal defeats, and the defeats of other men they have witnessed, in this war they didn't know they were in. Now men realize they are in a very real war they did not want and do not want to fight. But, as Clausewitz said; "You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you."

Challenging the feminist/government industrial complex (props to DDE) at what it does best is not only futile, it is stupid. This is why the Mens Rights Movement has been so ineffective for decades, now approaching centuries. The only strategy that has a chance of winning for men is guerilla/attirtion.

The tactics, as Ho Chi Minh knew, must consume expensive enemy resources to fight the war with attrition eventually causing the enemy to give up. And the US did in Viet Nam, as he knew they would. Note that Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires for a reason, they are masters of this type of warfare.

Depriving the enemy (feminism/government) of resources is accomplished with money, or more accurately, the withholding of money. No marriage equals no divorce rape which equals no wealth transfer. Taxes are another story and as the CV-19 crisis has shown, government has unlimited access to money.

The male war of attrition is the killing off of marriage one spinster at a time. CV-19 will cause the barely solvent army of single women to flood the bankruptcy courts. They will become desperate for funds just to live using one of two counter tactics. First, attempting to fool men that they are now traditional submissive women in the hopes of marriage then divorce rape. Second, dropping more annuity babies by any means necessary, including sperm jacking, for child support checks enforced at the barrel of a gun or more government freebies.

Feminism/government is responding to this newly learned male tactic by doubling down on their original strategy, which is no longer working. They are making the classic mistake of aging generals fighting the new war with the strategy and tactics of the old. A recipe for defeat.

The wise man sees this. He keeps his dick in his pants, his wallet in his pocket, and his mouth shut. And this tactic will win. Women need men much more than men need women. Ask any divorced raped man who has recovered financially and he will tell you he now lives like a king on 20% of what he was making while being a slave to a never satisfied wife.

Women are responsible for 85% of retail spending. Bankrupt unmarried women equals no retail spending. No retail spending means the economy goes belly up. And the whole house of cards collapses. Just that simple. As Cappy advises, enjoy the decline. Cheers!

liberranter said...

All of this is merely feminists, some women, and socialists (male or female) sharpening their knives and preparing men for the slaughter. If they can't get men to support them through marriage-and-then-divorce, they will get men to support them by making normal male behavior illegal and a suable offense. And what makes this a particularly dangerous trap is that it relies on the strongest biological force in the universe - the male sex drive.

It will never get to this point. There will be revolution and history's greatest bloodbath before anything s extreme comes to pass. You can only kick even the most timid and cowed of dogs so often and so hard before they finally snap and go into attack mode.

willethill said...

Unfortunately the same spiral of withdrawl cited in Rand's going Galt response.

As any system removes reward it must rely on coercion and later force as more and more remove themselves. Once the removal reaches critical mass the system collapses.

Any animal is biologically built for laziness. Only expend rare resources where there is at minimum replacement or continuation, at best an increase to offset the expenditure.
Be it burning calories to bring down meat or using metal to build weapons to conquor anothers mines and fields.

In nature or up to the 1800s the system naturally limited as it was based on biological. A village's population could only create so much which in turn fed, etc those people. A species only grazes or hunts so large an area. Balance.

But 1800s onwards created force multipliers i.e. technology. Now one person can meet the needs of five. So now those other four no longer have to be useful.

That is where the flaw is. The four do not HAVE to expend to get sustanance or resources. They get them by being "related" or "community" or desired by the provider.

It all boils down to who is the provider and who is the consumer. When things are balanced everyone is both. As everyone drifts to being consumer, the providers need incentive to keep providing.

leeholsen said...

luckily we had the bat virus to make it easy to distinguish those men ready and those not. any man who will not wear facemasks, still shakes hands and can stand there and take the verbal abuse of the facemask sheep because he knows they are too stupid to be able to figure out you do not change your life over something with a fatality rate of 0.001% is set to deal with today's woman as that would be bad boy behavior by today's standards

Anonymous said...

There is a solution for the individual, leave. This is going on in all feminist dominated countries and you can't be faulted for your bleak outlook. This is all female led and female driven. The boys can only react. So, the answer lies in a male diaspora and it doesn't matter where we go, just as long as nobody messes with us once we get there. This country was created by male led immigration. Treated as we are, it can damn well die from our absence.

Anonymous said...

I had another thought. Men can't take much more. I saw a video from this weekend of a Minneapolis policeman asphyxiating a black man in the street while people would only film. While you may say that this viciousness is reserved for black people, I have to remind that police are not very discriminating. This war may already be upon us.

Maniac said...

"The problem for women is that men aren't that stupid."

No, but we are, by and large, horny, and that oftentimes makes us do stupid things.

That's why I shy away from the Mens' Rights Movement. Our biology will always get in the way of the massive collectivism it would take to make any serious changes. Best to enjoy the simple things in life before the train derails.

Ahuehuete said...

For what it's worth, Billy Graham required all his male staff to adhere to the Pence Principle decades before it became associated with the vice president. Graham understood all too well the inherent danger of being a alone with a woman.

A Texan said...

Too bad prostitution is not decriminalized and there are some chicken ranches near most places to go to. At least I could what I need for a reasonable price without all the BS. Sure, love and intimacy are great and better with that, but women want to be men when it benefits them. How many women work and the man stays at home? Oh, horrors! But Go Vagina and Equality!!

Mr. Generic said...

Great essay. Another "dark" way that females are compensating from the lost "revenue" they would've gotten through marriage is with activities like "sugar babies" and OnlyFans. Basically prostitution but with a different name.

tdcommenter said...

Mercs. Sunny are calling in nerds from other countries. To feed their needs and because Karen cares.

Tucanae Services said...

This will accelerate dramatically when SexBots go mainstream.There are already rumblings in many states to outlaw them. But they will not be denied.

Rob said...

Marriage appears on the brink of elimination
Its recently reached a record low.

Anonymous said...

Current wave of feminism has become so punitive that even many lifelong Democrats and compliant "yes sir" beta males are complaining about being squeezed. Question still remains if these "born again virgin" and "traditional" women will still be able to lock down many of these guys. Thing is, due to diversity quotas (and a multitude of other factors) in education and the workforce, there is simply less livestock to milk and harvest. Many progressives simply do not understand that incentives matter significantly to men. You can't excessively tax men, ridicule men, divorce rape men, ignore men etc and expect men to be motivated to sacrifice for the benefit of society as a whole.

Enjoy the simpler things in life (preferably hobbies that can't be heavily taxed). Fishing, mountain biking, hiking, metal detecting, camping, reading, etc.

Albert said...

It used to be, over in the British Isles, that women who nagged too much would have a muzzle with a tongue-harness, so that they literally couldn't talk.

If we go that route again, I suspect we'll use implants that slow-release a numbing agent for vocal cords. Possibly on a permanent setting, but perhaps in some borderline cases linked to the push of a button, so that a woman who is only a nag sometimes can be silenced during her episodes, but otherwise permitted verbal communication.

I could be completely wrong, of course. But the pendulum is going to swing back hard, and the longer that the shrieking harpies try to 'hold back the tides', the harder it'll swing back when they finally lose control.

Mike said...

There's one really big problem here: as women make it easier to get cash and prizes for having any interaction at all with men, the men will continue to withdraw into remote work and the trades, just as you say. But then the women will inevitably turn on each other, as every Leftist movement does as soon as it starts gaining success. We've already seen these cracks starting to appear: minority women going after the White women; fat women complaining about too many thin women being part of the body positivity movement; poor women going after rich women, etc.
Some women will still want a traditional marriage, and these women have been the target of the women on the Left for decades. Some women will use traditional beauty to be THOTs or cam girls, but they'll be choosing money over the sisterhood, and in the end, infighting will stop their political advancement because the fat and the ugly will be fighting the women who are at the top of the female dominance heirarchy (the more attractive, and those who are married to apex males).
Up to this point, the womens. movement has been convenient for apex females, because the womens' movement has been useful to them when it comes to divorcing men and getting cash and prizes in the divorce court; but once the laws starts preventing rich women from using sex to get men to commit in the first place, the apex females will turn on the womens' movement. Personally, I think we're near hitting an equilibrium point where apex females can get a rich man to commit while having the options of taking cash and prizes in divorce court; middle class women are stuck being single mothers with a couple of ex husbands; and lower class women compete for the attention of men who will refuse to have kids with them, and the only stable families will be in the homes of the ultra religious. If vasectomies become a lot cheaper and less invasive or a male birth control pill becomes available, that's how it's going to end up; marriage will be the territory of the rich and the ultra religious, and everyone else will be stuck being single telecommuters or tradesmen.

Anonymous said...

"And what benefit do women derive from imprisoning men as date rapists apart from gratification of a desire for revenge? Seeing men punished may even confirm morally confused women in their mistaken sense of victimhood—resentment tends to feed upon itself, like an itch that worsens with scratching. Women are reinforced in the belief that it is their right for men’s behavior to be anything they would like it to be. They become less inclined to treat men with respect or to try to learn to understand or compromise with them. In a word, they learn to think and behave like spoiled children, expecting
everything and willing to give nothing.

Men, meanwhile, respond to this in ways that are not difficult to predict.
They may not (at first) decline sexual liaisons with such women, because the woman’s moral shortcomings do not have too great an effect upon the sexual act itself. But, quite rationally, they will avoid any deeper involvement with them. So women experience fewer, shorter, and worse marriages and “relationships” with men. But they do not blame themselves for the predicament they
are in; they refuse to see any connection between their own behavior and their loneliness and frustration. Thus we get ever more frequent characterizations of men as rapists and predators who mysteriously refuse to commit.

Indeed, the only people profiting from the imposition of the new standards are the feminists who invented them. The survival of their movement depends on a continuing supply of resentful women who believe their rights are being violated; one can only admit that the principles which buttress the date rape campaign are admirably designed to guarantee such a supply. Feminism is a movement that thrives on its own failures; hence, it is very difficult to reverse."

-F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power

Joe BLow said...

Declining marriage and birth rates? Measures have been taken. It's called unchecked immigration. The replacement is ongoing. The new immigrants are... not very tolerant of female bullshit. And they work cheap too.

Anonymous said...


Bill said...

Get a vasectomy, make your money, shut up, enjoy your one life.

Unknown said...

In January 2019 I became a minimalist. September, I quit my job. Since December I have been living out of my truck traveling the country. During this lockdown bullshit I took up residence in a national forest - hiking, reading, thinking, and working out. I'm 48, happier than I have ever been, and fit as fuck. Enjoy the Decline set me on this path. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

A great, if depressing, read. Nothing new to me, but it's still good to see it black on white,

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I've been contemplating that myself. I have a "good job" in that it is well paid, but I hate it. Actually, I love working but I hate the people. They are transparently fake. They fail to ever build anything profound because our management mostly invests in leftist causes. Did you buy a truck camper or where do you sleep?

I'm scoping out land right now to build myself a shop, a place to sleep, a library, and a green house. I will pay cash for everything and do the work myself. I have never taken out a mortgage and I never will.

Vader999 said...

I really don't give a shit about the sex war. I'm more than willing to hold my own until women as a whole shape up or I find the right one. As for the rest of Wahmen culture, the neets and weeb culture will deal with them-boys and men are already finding better waifus online and real women overseas than they do back in the west. That will drive down the demand for western women until they shape up and act like women instead of acting like angry little boys. Even if the feminazis ban all anime that has women with big tits, men can just make their own fanart and stories with women who act like feminine 1950s housewives instead of man-hating dykes. In the end, women will starve for sex with anything but beta orbiters (which they will find disgusting) until they finally act feminine and try to attract anyone else who doesn't worship the ground they walk on.

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately we are using the same women to undo this mess they are responsible for in the first place! If there is one thing I learned in college it is that women get 10 times the euphoria from sex that men do and from personal experience as most of the guys know when a women gets horny its more intense men have nothing on them in that regard so if guys can stick together there are already many many girls on MGTOW pleading with men to come back! In one country in Europe I think like Scandinavia the government is pleading with men to sleep with their women! This is not rhetoric it has and is happening in other places! In Britain it is so bad that the Muslims invited to live in England have been having a sharp increase in raping and the men who have been browbeaten and rendered useless to women are standing by and watching it happen with no assistance! As we now are becoming aware of another phase of feminism they still are not thru! Does anybody think men can survive another phase? What I don’t understand is the politicians continue to enable women to do this! Men are committing suicide at alarming rates for their treatment in divorce courts and one guy lit himself on fire on the steps of the courthouse while a group of women cheered him on for his treatment in divorce court! If men are going to have any degree of success they will have to make women off limits or all this bitching will just. Simply be academic!