Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Cecil the Lion Tells Us About America

Cecil, the famous 13 year old lion, who was shot (which increasingly seems to be) illegally has made the news across the planet.  As more and more facts comes in it looks like the hunter, Walter Palmer, shot him illegally (though whether he did this knowingly is yet to be determined).

When the news broke and when I read the article, it seemed to me that once again the MSM was going to run with this story and the facts be damned.  There were statements made to villainize Dr. Palmer, but nothing confirmed for a fact.

"They lured the lion off of the reservation!" - Is that illegal?
"He paid $50,000 to hunt the lion!!!!" - Don't you usually have to pay a lot of money for safaris?
"You can't shoot a tagged lion!!!" - Really?  How do you know?

There were others, but my interest was piqued when nearly the entire planet decided to post his personal information online and protest at his house, many people making death threats.  And so naturally like any agitating realistic and principled person I went online, made a YouTube video and told people to stop being sheeple and think about how the media is potentially ruining an innocent man's life all to boost ratings.

Teh interwebz were having none of it.

Now, Dr. Palmer wasn't the only one getting death threats, but so was I.  And this of course, bathed in an endless list of brilliant and cogent arguments presented by the YouTube community about me "being a dumbass" or "a stupid fucker" and other arguments of intelligence, thought, and ponderance proving the quality of education the Millennial generation is receiving in college.  But it wasn't the death threats or names that forced me to pull the video (that comes with the territory), it was when they started posting the private data of Dr. Palmer that I now had a legal risk.  And so unfortunately the video had to come down.

Still, we don't need the video to realize a very important and vital lesson about the mental faculties of your average American.  And that lesson is they are no longer capable of logic, reason, empiricism or sanity.  Worse, they're so selfish and narcissistic, they happily put their emotions over principles and the rights of others.  With no proof (at that point in time) that Dr. Palmer was guilty of violating any law people were already threatening to kill him, ruin his career, and ruin his life.  Some were so far gone they said they didn't care about the legality of his kill, they just thought he should be punished for hunting.  And it is this principleless, amoral, mindless mob who put their emotions over, not just an individual's rights, but reality, facts, and truth that not only makes it difficult for the legal system to mete out justice, but is undermining our respective societies today.

The real story is not that poor Cecil was tragically shot.  It's that western civilization, specifically the younger generations, have lost their collective minds and do not have the mental faculties to be adults, let alone adults in the free world.  They are effectively zombies.  And there is no reasoning with them.

Plan accordingly.



Estragon said...

It seems likely his guides are the ones who led him to shoot Cecil. But you are quite correct, the reaction is insane. Insanity seems to rule these days, it has surpassed educated and reasoned response by a long shot.

Jamie NZ said...

Best get yourself that 'butler' Cap

They'll be coming for ya

Jamie MacMaster said...

What do you expect from a population that is more concerned about Jenner's shrunken balls than Obamma's?

Jamie MacMaster said...

What do you expect from a population that is more concerned about Jenner's shrunken balls than Obamma's?

Doug Cranmer said...

I thought I was going insane.

Thanks Cap.

I know you like money and I'll send you some via Asshole Consulting in a few days when I get paid. I'd appreciate your perspective on a personal/professional situation I'm in. It would be worth it.

Adam said...

Tells me that tax payer funded planned parenthood is literally selling body parts from aborted fetuses and not a single MSM source will cover it, but some guy shoots a stupid lion and the whole world is reeling.

Let me repeat that - a tax payer funded agency is profiting off of body parts taken from fetuses slain in the womb.

Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

And no one will comment on the fact that the real criminals, if there are any, are the African tour guides. They make such a huge paycheck from making White hunters happy, that they can't afford for there to not be a lion to shoot. And since Africans don't give a shit about conservation (unless Europeans and Americans are paying for it), This was an easy choice for them. And some of that 50K was without a doubt to pay the bribes to local officials for the licenses. Africa is the tragedy of the commons, everywhere. They all still have the hunter gatherer mentality. otherwise they would be raising lions in captivity to ensure they had an abundant supply.

Anonymous said...

I am in my 70's, so I do not qualify as a young insane millennial, however, I would have thought that trophy hunting went out of fashion long ago. For that reason I do not feel any sympathy for a pencil neck dentist with too much money, killing one of the most beautiful and,als in the word FOR FUCKING FUN!!!!!!!

Big man! Big hero, killed a lion from a safe distance with protective guides and big fucking guns ...yeah ... Fuck him ... He is getting what he deserves .... Legal shoot means nothing ... The shoot was the problem in itself.

Anonymous said...


This isn't about being a liberal or a conservative.

What the man did was barbaric. Didn't you once say you had a dog? Imagine someone decided to shoot your dog, skin it and behead it, how would you feel?

I am not questioning the legality of his actions, but am pissed at his genuine actions of killing the lion. Lets not forget, this is a guy that enjoyed killing other animals and taking pictures.

This a man not worth defending. If someone enjoys killing animals for simply enjoyment, then there is something mentally wrong with you. What the dentist did, was pure evil. Animals are just as important in my book as a human being.

Please don't let your misanthropy remove any remnant of a heart left in you.

sth_txs said...

I would argue that most Americans have not had the mental facilities to be adults for a long time now; talk to almost any oldster on why FDR and LBJ suck. They are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the attitude and trend can be summed up this way, " I am offended so I am going to destroy you. "

John Schulting said...

I had a similar though much more localized reaction when I dared comment on an "animal abuse" issue. It isn't just the young folks either. I have said a lot of things online, about a lot of identifiable groups. Only when I dared step in to the animal rights arena was I physically threatened. People are completely crazy when it comes to the Disney religion.

Omega Man said...

There's nothing wrong with trophy hunting! Have we all become such sensitive pussies that the thought killing even a magnificent animal such as a lion is now considered barbaric?


What's next? Swatting flies with an evil fly swatter?????

As another commenter alluded to, the real barbarism is the mass murder of the unborn and the sale of the body parts by Planned Parenthood. That is as close to Dr. Mengele and his Nazi House of Horrors as you can get, and nobody says a word.

As a society, we have become twisted and corrupt. We now despise what was once an honourable activity and embrace as normal what was previously considered as sick and disgusting perversions.

As Cappy says, "Enjoy the Decline", but not too much as I fear the unknowable future may be far worse than we can imagine.

tkdkerry said...

"Animals are just as important in my book as a human being."

In other words, humans are no more important than animals. Just another paving stone in the path to genocide.

ontoiran said...

makes a lot of sense doesn't it? if you're angry about killing a lion for "sport", how can you then say the answer for your anger is to kill a human? i guess in their minds, humans are no better or worse than animals. if that is so; and it's ok to chop up human babies in the mothers womb, and sell their parts; why can't we kill animals?

Al From Bay Shore said...

Hey Captain! I'm one of those evil public school teachers and I have a theory as to why people are making these irrational arguments (ie." Animals are just as important in my book as a human being."). The public schools do not teach thinking skills in spite of what it says about the importance of "critical thinking". For starters, there are no courses dedicated to the instruction of critical thinking. Also, "critical thinking" is nothing but a heavily redacted version of Logic. Logic teaches an actual process whereas "critical thinking" does not. ALSO, the textbooks are biased. You should see how they teach FDR and the Great Depression. THEN, there is a strong leftist tilt in the public schools. Add all those things together and you get the transmission of biased facts and a collectivist institution where the students are not taught to think logically about those facts. It's a recipe for disaster. And don't forget, the public schools are guiding the colleges and universities not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

You got a few of these morons posting comments here Cappy. Good thing you are well armed. Watch your back.

I'd love to go shoot a lion when I retire. With gun, not a camera. Couldn't care less what these libtards think.

Anonymous said...

American culture no longer produces whole individuals. We're born into a complex system of organization, starting with K-12 education, which deposits people into adulthood with a state of mind and manner of being that is vacant, amoral, easily managed, and possessing only enough development to enable button pushing, lever pulling, consumption, and reproduction.

There is no variation in such people, and that is by design. There is no process of rational emotional escalation in response to stressors and other real-world events. They're either in the paddock chewing grass, or they're stampeding.

And smack dab at the intersection of stampeding and grazing is where you'll find Cecil the Lion, the Ice Bucket Challenge, #handsupdontshoot, Bruce Jenner, Yes Means Yes, and all the other retarded shit people get so worked up about.

None of it is genuine. It's a conditioned, predictable, animalistic response by those whose lives consist solely of cogging cogs, followed by eating, shitting, fucking, Facebook, and bedtime.

Do you think Teddy Roosevelt would take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Would Hemingway give a fuck about transgender rights awareness?

Did Washington have an otherkin?

Would Jefferson make death threats on Twitter because some guy killed a lion in a part of the world he couldn't point to on a map, while ignoring the rampant infanticide around him?

Probably not, which is why modern American culture actively discourages, medicates, and punishes those who have the capacity to do more.

Xtrasweettea said...

There's a news article that reported that the two Zimbabweans freed on bail. These are the two Zimbabweans who helped the dentist with the hunt.

So... let me set the scenario that my fellow millennials are thinking:
1. Hunter is White, CIS, looks manly, male, has steady job, therefore a shitlord
2. He has money to pay way and pay for a "legal hunt", which makes him a major shitlord
3. The two Zimbabweans were paid by whitey
a. based on a "progressive mindset" we can assume that the hunter was oppressing the Zimbabweans for being there and having money. They were paid and therefore are innocent under the rules of the "Religion of Racism."
4. "conservative group" claims that the hunter lured the animal with a dead animal on a moving vehicle
5. Hunter shoots Lion with a Bow and Arrow
6. Internet Blows up because first world problems

Let's put this into what my age group is thinking: Evil, white, CIS, male, Patriarchy Worshiping Dentist paid money to hunt for a lion (that the amount of money paid is more than any Starbucks Barista will make in 2 years). The money was paid to enslave two innocent black men to lure a lion to be killed by the Shitlord Dentist with his projectile based long range weapon. Since it shoots a projectile that has a metal head, this weapon is a "gun." Vote Hillary or you are a sexist!

You can basically replace "Lion" with anything and you basically get the same story, the same outrage.

I say, kudos to the man for getting ahead enough in life to be able to hunt for sport.

1432fpchero said...

Cappy, having had both the good and bad fortune of spending some time in "Zimbabwe" the locals are so ridiculously corrupt that i would not surprised by anything. there is a rumor that they trawled the lion out of the park by dragging dead meat from the back of a truck. I don't know how the hunt was constructed but my guess is that the good Dr. probably didn't even get his boots dusty. There are a few very reputable hunting enterprises in Africa who do a wonderful job of protecting game and controlling kill numbers. I doubt this was one of them.
As for the moonbats going ape-sh*t about it... the above comparisons to Planned Parenthood are a stark reminder that for the last half century or so the children have been systematically stolen from us. On the bright side, I just bought a nice gold wing. when i head west next summer i'll bring the pappy van winkle and we can enjoy the decline

SM777 said...

Tells me that tax payer funded planned parenthood is literally selling body parts from aborted fetuses and not a single MSM source will cover it, but some guy shoots a stupid lion and the whole world is reeling.
That's correct. What is the story or cause behind this? It's the basic theory of supply and demand. Let's see, the supply of humans on the earth is over 7 Billion. That's billion, not 700 million or 7 million. How many lions are on the earth? Probably a couple of thousand on the high end. Ergo, in the subconscious minds of a substantial part of the human population, human life is completely worthless.

There is an uncurrent of philosophy which states that humans are way to easily replaced by even more humans, whereas lions are not. In overcrowded and over polluted third world countries, the folks there, in general, will completely ignore (unless trying to avoid) dead bodies and dead people are not even an issue in those places. Why? Because there are way too many people there to begin with. However, if a cute dog, cat, or other animal is dying, it's really a big deal.

Like I said, this is a subconscious undercurrent. Almost no one would even dare to bring up this very salient fact.

Arthur Isaac said...

Let's play compare the outrage:

ISIS beheading people with hunting knives,
Gay Ambassador killed in Benghazi,
Planned Parenthood illegally selling dead babies,
Open border policy and sanctuary cities leading to felons not be deported,

The Kabuki theater is taking on an ominous texture these days....

Digger said...

If his death was a 'murder', making Cecil a member of the human moral community, then surely we must consider the fact that he was also a serial rapist who kept a harem.

Anonymous said...

7:03 @Anonymous "Animals are just as important in my book as a human being." I treasure our geriatric cats, consider them family, and spend way too much on vet bills. But as important as the rest of my family? No. Your rhetoric simply demonstrates how easily society has been zombified by social media. Twitter mobs are easy. Critical thinking is ... squirrel!!

I'm not a hunter, either for food or sport (I just punch paper). If what the dentist did meets every legal requirement, and he wants to spend the money, well, that's his decision. You have the right to be disgusted, angry, whatever. But this social media fueled outrage is a mass case of everyone getting the vapors.

Grow a pair.

Victor Erimita said...

Sure, Ofay Cat and Anonymous. You don't like something. Therefore one particular person caught up in a media frenzy deserves to have his life ruined. He deserves whatever he gets. Who cares about facts or legality? Who cares about proportionality? Who cares if legal big game hunting is actually helping preserve some species in Africa? None of that matters, because of your personal high morals. Meanwhile,mare you posting equally incensed posts about viable fetuses having their skulls crushed and their organs sold? No, of course not. That's just " quality affordable health care for women," right? A lion has been killed!!

Regardless of your ages, your posts are Exhibits A and B supporting the thesis of this article.

Anonymous said...

People don't trust the criminal justice system so they tar and feather in a modern way.

TBlakely said...

A logical outcome of decades of left groupthink, especially the environmental left. People have been bombarded with claim after claim that humanity is the worst thing that has happened to Gaia. To the left, the original sin is the existence of humanity.

What is really sad is the utter ignorance of geology these foamers possess. Ask them if what humanity has or could possibly do to earth that is one-one/thousandths of a percent as bad as what occurred during the Siberian Traps, you'll get an utterly blank look and instant condemnation.

Anonymous said...

Fine, outlaw hunting, and see if it does any good:

Alec Rawls said...

Hunting is absolutely the best thing for African game animals. If it weren't for the money that could be made off the hunting of Elephants, for instance, they would be extinct already. That is what started happening as soon as Elephant hunting was banned in several African nations. Suddenly the Elephants were worthless to the local populations, but they still did tremendous damage to crops, to the locals started exterminating them. Elephants only came back when hunting was re-authorized.

Hunting is also crucial for maintaining animal populations at sustainable levels, otherwise they go through the horrific natural boom and bust cycles that have regularly wiped out large proportions of all species. Great for natural selection but brutal for anyone who claims to care about animal suffering.

Well guess what? Hunting animals, for all of its tremendous benefits for the animals, REQUIRES KILLING ANIMALS. Getting so upset about it indicates some kind of brain damage or mass psychosis.

The putrid left did the same thing to that beautiful girl who was picked from the soccer fan crowd to be a makeup model just because she was so ridiculously gorgeous. That was taken away from her when it turned out she was a hunter and the faux animal lovers went crazy.

These people are really nasty in their self-rightous ignorance, and just too stupid for words. It's really an evil combination.

autothreads said...

This a man not worth defending. If someone enjoys killing animals for simply enjoyment, then there is something mentally wrong with you. What the dentist did, was pure evil. Animals are just as important in my book as a human being.

Please don't let your misanthropy remove any remnant of a heart left in you.

You say a human is not worth defending for killing an animal. In essence you've put a human on a lower level than an animal, yet you go on to accuse others of misanthropy. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Are you a vegan? If you aren't. Every time. We eat any animal products. We are paying someone to kill or torture on our behalf. Just because the one that being kill is not this famous lion sadly that doesn't make us any better than the killer

Jack said...

What the SJWs are missing is that the reason we have laws is not just for the protection of the weak and humble from the great and powerful, but also for the protection of the One from the Many, the protection of one person from the mob.

Lynch mob justice was the rule long ago when people didn't believe in the law. Rather than go to trial, it was more satisfying - more democratic - to bust open the jail and hang the accused without trial, without due process and wthout giving him a chance to defend himself. All it took was a rumor or an accusation. Today's Twittermob is no different and it's a sad commentary on our times that mob rule has returned.

So important is this principle that it was included in the Magna Carta (and actually is one of the few parts of that document still in effect today): "No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land." One can make the case that the Twitter mob is in open violation of that most basic principle of justice.

JG said...

My take. The rage is fueled by him being a %1'er. As soon as folks started to dig into his life, they find that he's been doing this for a long time (spending a lot of money) and behaved unethically/illegally in the past (bear and adultery). The fact that he's turtled up isn't helping. He should've got ahead of it, apologized a lot and threw some money at WWF or whatever. The rage isn't going to go away, just ask old what's her face... Kendall Jones. She's still getting the hate. She's a %1'er too. Living a life most will never get close too.

Martin said...

All this was presaged in the various campus rape "scandals" of the past few years, maybe starting with the Duke lacrosse team and moving forward from there.

Yes, as a society we have lost, or are on the verge of losing, our collective ability to be self-governing, and that will not end well because there are no sage philosopher kings to take over, just politicians who are even worse than the rest of us.

bud said...

SM777 said:
"How many lions are on the earth? Probably a couple of thousand on the high end."

I know this isn't fair, but adding facts into the discussion might lead to better understanding.

Africa has over 30,000 lions today, down from >200K 50 years ago. Most of that loss has nothing to do with sport hunting, it's conflict with the apex predator: man. Farms remove habitat for lion prey, so lions die off. If they wander close to a village, they get shot.

But don't worry about lions as a species. There's around a thousand in zoos in the US. They are very fecund, and breed easily; easily enough that female lions are routinely implanted with a contraceptive.

Zoos, and Disney flicks explain the uproar over Cecile.
We don't need the Planned Parenthood butchery as an example of valuing lions over people. In Africa, hundreds (at times, thousands) of humans per year are killed directly by those cuddly creatures, but that fact doesn't impinge on the mob.

And I wouldn't worry about the good doctor. Despite all the internet umbrage and accusations of cowardice, I suspect that anyone who goes out of their way to poke a 700 pound predator with an arrow is capable of protecting himself from the clowns on the net, almost all of which are of the "let's you and him fight" variety.

As for yourself,Captain, maintain condition yellow, and stay cocked and locked.

An Asshole said...

With this much reaction to Cecil the Lion, I don't even want to know what would have happened to the guy who put the horse's head into Mr. Woltz's bed in Godfather if that would have happened in 2015. The Corleone family would have been outcasts way more for the horse than they were for killing Solozzo and the police captain.

Andrew said...

I read somewhere today that around 600 lions are taken every year in Africa.

Let's understand something, male lions breed many times a year, lions give birth once or twice a year. They have no natural predators. Lions don't have "Planned Pridehood" to control their population. So hunters need to.

Unless you are willing to live in a neighborhood with one of these lions running around, shut up about the hunting of them.

Anonymous said...

I could go out and shoot a Native American on a reservation for the sport of it, and inspire less hate.

I don't like the concept of trophy hunting either, but the lion was 13 years old and would die in about a year anyways, since the average life span is about 14-15 years for a lion.

If only people cared as much about their own species.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy.

I adore my dog but I know the difference between a mouse in a research lab for experimentation, my pet dog, and my human loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Really? Comparing hunting a wild animal to hunting a persons domestic pet is now a rational argument? Jesus people are stupid......

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the colored guide turned on the White guide, and set up both hunter and guid. Zimbabwe's retarded attempts to exthort Whites is never ending. Typical blacks biting the hands that lead them. The delusional White liberal cowards in America have shown the doctor's home and his personal things on the air. Idiotic Zimbabwean turds demand his extradition to embarass Whites. This should not be allowed, the doctor and White safari guide were set up. Iif anyone sees the dwl terrorists with their signs and hoax slogans, beat the shit out of them.

Anonymous said...

He used xbow not a gun gotta get close to kill that over grown cat.

Anonymous said...

Is this what "kvetching" is/sounds like, Cappy?

Arthur Isaac said...

More scoldings from left-wing moralists. For being so tolerant these people are pretty judgmental.

Joe Richards said...

Cleary Captain Capitalism readers are the smarter half of the population. I only saw 2 or 3 posters taking the idiot position in the comments section. So perhaps this means there's hope.


PS - Hey, where were all the death threats? only on you tube? I'll be your body guard if your in my neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

If it had been a hyena would any one have cared? Probably not.

DeRosset said...

Derailment attempt alert.