Monday, July 17, 2017

Can Muslim and Western Men Unite Against Feminism and Socialism?

"Any traditional man or woman, regardless of religion, must realize that we are facing the Borg when it comes to feminism and socialism."


SnapperTrx said...

Sorry, Cappy, but it will never happen. Muslim men are all control and no love. Western men are all love and no control. Muslim men see Western men as weak, Western men see Muslim men as tyrants. There is a middle ground, but neither will take a step toward it. It would require Muslim men to back off the control and allow their women more freedom while maintaining enough control to keep them from going the way of the West. It would require Western men to rein in their women with enough control that they can pull them back from the edge of whoredom while still giving them enough freedom so that they don't feel like Muslim women.

Never going to happen. This world will end first.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim women in the west have already been corrupt. The environment is what corrupts. Progress in Muslim countries will return women to their natural instincts. Islam will not be able to control them. They will create their own version of Islam as many have here in the west.

Anonymous said...

^What Snapper said.

And I'll add this: there are clear parallels between Islam and socialism. There's a dash of 'for the common good' in Islam that get echoed very strongly from socialists. Not much, but just enough that socialists would (and do) consider Muslims to be brothers in arms... all the way to the gas chambers.

Plus, Western men are descended from primarily Christian faiths (and all their flavors thereof). Muslim men are from a completely different stock. Like oil and water, the base ideologies will never mix.

evilwhitemalempire said...

"would require Muslim men to back off the control and allow their women more freedom while maintaining enough control to keep them from going the way of the West"
Oh, so what the Muslims do to their women is overkill, eh?
Nope, they need to back off and give their women loads more opportunities to cheat and whore around.
Because a proper civilization is one that gives women such opportunities and merely trusts them to do the right thing.
Because females have such a strong historical track record of trustworthiness.
Nope, traditional western values have absolutely nothing to do with the problems we have today.
Because no -free- woman EVER used her sexuality to influence men.
And no man EVER agreed with women for sex.
So the long term effects of mass western male compliance with female wants/demands in exchange for said sex must have absolutely NOTHING what so ever to do with modern liberalism and feminism.

Anonymous said...

Islam is incompatible with all Western values. Spend some time at gatesofvienna and religionofpeace to understand the reason why civil war is inevitable before suggesting that somehow Muslim men and other men have anything in common. Western Europe is awash with acid attacks on women, directly proportional to the Muslim populations. I don't share anything with Islam.

Mesopotamiancrow said...

The core beliefs of Islam are highly militant and incompatible with any other system of belief. Muslims in the west are a battering ram used by the left to undermine what little is left of traditional society and move us towards globalism. The experience of European nations with mass immigration has been an unmitigated disaster of Rothingham type sexual abuse,terrorist plotting and welfare dependency.An examination of the Hadith books such as Sahih al Bukhari will make it clear that no alliance with Islam is possible. The nose of the camel and all that.

Anonymous said...


Muslim men and feminist women are exactly alike. They demand maximum respect for zero accomplishment other than drawing breath.

Feminist women cannot build a great company or a great university. They need men to build it first, and then they infiltrate via affirmative action and take over by protesting for "diversity."

Muslim men can never forcibly take over a western nation. They need great western or Asian men to build up those countries, and then they infiltrate by sending refugees and take over when feminist men and women protest for "diversity."

Muslim men are natural allies with feminists because by themselves they can achieve nothing. They are both natural enemies for western men because they want to take what we build.

SnapperTrx said...

"Oh, so what the Muslims do to their women is overkill, eh?"

Yeah....little bit.

The fact that this woman was arrested for wearing a miniskirt is precisely what I'm talking about. There was a time in the West where girls would wear bikinis and still try to be chaste because lewd and loose behavior was unacceptable and girls still tried to maintain their fathers approval.

Nope, they need to back off and allow their women to act like humans.
Because a proper civilization is one that gives women SOME opportunities and GUIDES them into doing the right thing.
Because females have a historical track record of trustworthiness WHEN GUIDED BY THEIR FATHERS (though even that has its exceptions).
Because traditional Western values have been eroded into garbage with the relaxing of mans authority on their daughters and wives.
Because women have ALWAYS used their sexuality to influence men, even in Muslim culture, and they always will! There will never be and end to that!
Men have ALWAYS agreed with women in order to get sex, and that will never stop either. There will always be men willing to make concessions for sex.
The destruction of the Western male and the loosening of mans authority has lead to mass Western compliance with female wants/demands.

From the ideal point you move one direction and you have women running the show, you move the other direction and you get women that look like potato sacks and get arrested for being women. Hell, even the ancient cultures allowed their women to wear more than a bag with eye slits.

Neither side will move, though. Western men have been made pussies, Muslim men will never give cede even an iota of their control.

Anonymous said...

For an educated fella you don't know much about moslems or islam


Anonymous said...

>implying the architects of feminism and muslims aren't connected in any way at all.