Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is It Moral for Conservatives & Libertarians to Collect Social Security?

Yes.  Hell yes.  Matter of fact, they're the only ones morally entitled to it.


GregMan said...

I am a conservative, and I have been on Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, gotten Obamacare subsidies, and I will damn sure be on Medicare when I am old enough. If they're stupid enough to be handing out money I will be more than happy to take some. After all, my taxes have been paying into this crap for years.

Maniac said...

The government takes it from us without our consent. I'd personally like to opt out and get my money back.

Alex in Montana said...

Look, I am 70. In 1966 when I began my first year of a 4 year enlistment in the US Army, I received $65.00 a month after deductions. You read that right. So after 50 years of work I began to collect Soc Sec.

The government underpaid me then and I am just beginning to get back to break-even. In addition, I started paying into Soc Sec in 1962 so it seems ok 55 years later in 2017 to get something back.

I got no problems getting that money whatsoever.

Faithless Cynic said...

Enjoy your Social Security while you can! When the system goes bankrupt, the old and sick will be required to report to Elder Treatment Centers for the Suffering Alleviation Treatment AKA lethal injection. President for life Hillary Clinton will visit the centers often to give the injections herself ( As a public service :-) ) Imagine being strapped to a gurney and listening to that harpy cackling.

What if the elders do not comply? They will crossbreed Delaware State Cops with late stage bill collectors to create evil, heartless Elder Recovery Agents.