Thursday, July 06, 2017

Gay Pride Month 2017 Was Overkill

Allow me to tell you the tale of two different gay men.

The first is about my long time friend, "The Talented Mr. Le."  There really isn't a story to tell about him aside from the two decade's worth of anecdotes and experiences I have with him being my friend.  He is an avid hiker, and outstanding artist, and to make money offers his services as an architect.  He's incredibly intelligent and there's not much more I enjoy in life that hiking with him and sparring intellectually.  Mr. Le is defined by his artistic ability, philosophical mind, child-like mischievousness, passion for hiking, and passion for life.  He just happens to be gay, and most people don't know that about him as he doesn't really bring it up.

The second is about some dickwad that walked into what was yet-until-that-moment a quiet bar me and the GF were trying to enjoy a cocktail at.  We were in the middle of a conversation and, like some cars or loud jet engines, you heard him LOOOONG before you saw him.  He had the perfectly forced and faked gay accent "HELLLLO EVERYONE!!!!!"  His attire was so loud it drowned out the fact his fashion was originally meant to convey he was gay.  And he made sure to have a conversation loud enough with the bartender so everyone in the bar KNEW his thought process on choosing a drink.  These boisterous traits duked it out between one another to let you and everybody in earshot that this man, was indeed gay.

Did you know he was gay!?

HE'S GAAAAY!!!!!!!!

Did he tell you he was gay?

These two drastically different gay men convey an important lesson for those in the gay community, as well as those who are not.  One is about achieving equality, acceptance, and right to a normal life, the other is one of attention whoring, virtue signaling, politics, professional victim-whoring, ulterior motives, and preferential treatment at the expense of society.  And Gay Pride Month for 2017 indicates it is the latter at least the "professional" gay community wants, which raises some interesting questions as to where the larger gay community wants to go and what they want to accomplish.

Understand the best and most optimal outcome for gay or any other marginalized group in society is parity.  One of equality.  To be normally accepted into the culture.  You can go down and get a fish sandwich at "Bob's Sandwiches" and nobody is going to raise an eyebrow.  This is what most struggles for equality have been for, and they've largely been achieved.  A black man can go and sit in a theater with white people.  Gays can attend a baseball game with straights.  Women can drive and vote.  But the question is when is this goal of parity achieved?  When is this movement "successful?"  And therefore when can people from said aggrieved group go back to living a "normal life" with the rest of society?  And though there are certainly instances of religious people not willing to cook a cake here, or a particularly close-minded city or state denying gays the right to marry there, the gay community has been largely successful in getting equal treatment within society.

This is exemplified with The Talented Mr. Le.  He lives a normal life.  He does normal things.  He doesn't flash his sexuality in people's faces or demand celebration because he has more going on in his life than his mere sexuality.  Additionally, and I know this is going to hurt a lot of you in the "professional" or "activist" gay community, but...

nobody cares you're gay.

Gays have been so successful in getting society to accept them that you are now very welcome, even celebrated in many parts of society, and so celebrated nobody really cares anymore.

"You're gay?  Meh."  And thus is the incredibly boring, yet accepted life of The Talented Mr. Le.

However, like many movements in society, many people make their living off of it.  And once the movement is over and achieves its goals, these people are faced with the prospects of finding a new career and a new job.  Sadly, many of these people would rather keep an obsolete movement going, no matter how unnecessary it is, even if it damages the group/people/original members of the movement, because they're, frankly, too lazy to return to the real world of work.

For example, is there a more hated group in the world than feminists?  Sure, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton were feminists, but at a time when they were calling for the right to vote and the right to own property.  Once those rights were achieved, the women's rights movement has since morphed into a warped and twisted monster where everything is rape, women are always oppressed, the false "wage gap" is constantly hounded upon, and men are enemy #1.  The costs to society of propagating this obsolete movement past its usefulness are horrible.  Families are now broken up.  Divorce is on the rise.  False rape accusations are more common than real ones on college campuses.  Government checks have replaced fathers.  Schools have replaced mothers.  Men don't trust women.  Women don't trust men.  And we've effectively ruined the sexes for one another.  But it's all alright, you see, because thousands of women's studies professors, activists, lawyers, and other professional feminists got decades-long careers out of this past-its-due-date movement.

And do not think it's merely the temptation of a life-long job as an activist or professor that keeps obsolete movements alive.  There are many and HUGE entities and institutions within society that can profit off of obsolete movements.

For example, similar to the financial incentives associated with an activist career is the point, purpose, and agency in life that a "crusade" or "movement" offers people.  You can work in an cube writing TPS reports for Initech, or...


This sexier, more romantic career has condemned millions of college students to join political crusades that don't pay as much had they majored in Electrical Engineering and just worked a boring job at General Electric.  And if you know any professional "activists" you know the pursuit of their passion has cost them mightily in compensation and finances, but arguably more in life and mental health.  Placing your entire life's value on a trait you were born with (female, skin color, sexual preference) and nothing you earned (built a business, become an accountant, raised a family) is an express ticket to depression and other mental problems.

Politicians, shocking, I know, like to divide people into groups so they can advertise directly to said groups.  And the strategy they most often employ is how one group of people is "oppressing" the other group of people, and by god, the only way that will end is if you elect Joe Blow for another 30 years in the senate.  You may think the politician espousing his or her support for "Group A" really like's "Group A," but just look at a Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any other professional politician and ask if they really helped, let alone cared about the people they purported to.

And then there's corporations.

No more than a decade ago I can still remember when corporations were "The EVIL CORPORATIONS MAAAAAAN!"  But now, corporations like politicians, have realized the marketing potential of (predominantly) leftist politics.

By gosh, these corporations just care so much about diversity, and feminisms, and women, and the children, and the environment, and going green.  They've even dedicated entire departments within their corporate structure to virtue signal to you sheep the people just how great and caring and green and pro-women and pro-gay they are.

But in the end, no matter what they call it ("CSR," "carbon foot print," "diversity,") it's just lies and marketing to get you to part with your money because they think pandering to your skin color, you sexual preference, your ethnicity, or your politics will loosen your purse strings.  It's truly insulting when you think about it.

When you tally this up, it behooves the question, is this where the gay community wants to go?  Because if June of 2017 was any indication, it most certainly seems it is.  I've been a life long supporter of gay rights and gay marriage.  I (obviously) have gay friends.  I want gays to live normal and unharassed lives just like straights.  I wish the gay community nothing but the most success and happiness in life.  But I don't need the entire City of St. Paul putting rainbow flags on the bridges for the entire month of June.  I don't need to see two lesbians, who I've never heard of, throw the "starting pitch" at a baseball game because it's gay pride month.  I don't need commercials, advertisements, billboards, or every form of media reminding me it's gay pride month.  Not because I'm against gay rights, but because I don't need political sermoning or lectures shoved down my throat.  I don't need that loud, boisterous dickwad ruining my time at the bar.

Gay Pride Month of 2017 was that loud boisterous dickwad.  May I suggest a Gay Pride Day just like St. Patrick's Day or Cinco De Mayo?  The Irish and the Hispanics are accepted into this culture, and they only have one day.  Gay are also accepted into this culture, may I suggest paring it down to a day as well?
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Glen Filthie said...

That fag wasn't the problem Cap.

You are.

I know you've been indoctrinated with that crap all your life. You've been culture conditioned to accept homosexuality as a wholesome alternate lifestyle. But in the real world - where you ran into your sexual freak show - queers are mostly mentally ill. That's why they side with moslems politically, while they advocate for censorship of everyone's free speech but their own, and that's why they dress up in frooty clothes and go out and try to offend straights.

But by all means - keep lecturing us about stupid people that believe pretty lies.

For the rest of you preferring to live in the real world, don't say I never did nothin' for ya!

Anonymous said...

I did not understand what the following text is about, Cappy do justice please:

Midgardian said...

It's the new religion.

C_Miner said...

Better than I was expecting, and worthy of a post at Kate's.

I agree about the difference between the "everyone look at me!" individuals within any identifiable group, and what the majority of the group want. My experience with gay people is similar to yours, most that I know are good folks that just want to be left alone to live their lives and don't want to impose themselves on others.

minuteman said...

I work in an almost totally male environment, maybe 5 percent women. Two of the women are gay and been in a relationship for at least a decade. They are both very smart, very good at their jobs and well respected in the company by both their peers and management. They are also the most normal, nicest people you would ever meet and I am quite happy to call them friends. If someone didn't know them personally, they wouldn't even know they were gay or in a relationship with each other.

Colin said...

We have Gay friends that are exactly like your friend Mr. le, they are wonderful people who happen to be gay.

Anonymous said...

One of your best and most topical posts ever, Aaron. Well done.
I heard the voice of my dear departed gay brother who, like your friend Mr. Le, was a regular, very likable guy who just happened to be gay. He used to loathe the wretched excess of gay pride week which then morphed into an entire month ...he just wanted to lead a regular, ordinary, middle class, day-to-day life doing his ordinary job and enjoying ordinary stuff like the rest of us. Thank you for realizing that MILLIONS of gays feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your thirst for revenge and pain

Anonymous said...

We don't need no dads and Shopping

PDB said...

This is why I admire the organization Freedom to Marry. Once gay marriage was approved by the Supreme Court, they recognized that their work here was done. They shut down their operations less than a year later:

seattle said...

Will no longer read your post. I cannot support the LGBT community any longer since they began their mission to destroy men, look at the leaders of the Bill and the goals to establish here in the USA:

And keep in mind that the definition of harassment will be up to the 'victim' as is the cases when a woman decides you did rape her a year ago.

It's been nice, cya

Anonymous said...

I believe this Key & Peele skit is exactly what you're trying to convey here, Captain.

Jay c said...

Well Seattle take your shit and leave.

Bill said...

Reminds me of that video you did for assholeconsulting reassuring the trans person that they weren't a freak. I could practically hear the slurping sounds.

Anonymous said...

4chan worked this one out a long time ago. There are normal people that happen to be gay and then there are raging faggots. Nobody likes faggots, not even gay people.

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Michael R said...

Wise words my friend. :)