Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Curse Free Episode #25

In this "sorta" curse free episode:

Why doesn't Canada build some roads?
Seattle's income tax is a GREAT idea for leftists.
Men leaving the marriage market hurting Vegas wedding chapels.
A cashless society is not all that bad.


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Joe BLow said...

Canadians don't build roads because:
1. Gotta have somewhere to go to . Nothing in the North.
2. Frost-defrost cycle. Ruins the roads, especially in spring and fall.
3. Clearing snow off the roads. Very expensive, even on the highway.
4. Permafrost. Google when they built the highway to ALaska. Can't really build on the stuff.
5. Isolation. Drive to Goose Bay. There is a road. Try driving to Gillam, Manitoba. Don't do it in a car or bike. In the winter, if you break down, you can die.
6. Nothing to see anyway. After 12 hours of seeing runth trees, you wonder WTF you are doing out there. That is, if you don't drive above the tree line. Then there is nothing.
7. Bush plane superior in the north. They don't build roads in Alaska either.