Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Why Major Metros Deserve $15 Minimum Wages and Municipal Income Taxes

There's been three major municipal events over the past year.

1.  Seattle approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
2.  Minneapolis approved a $15/hour minimum wage.
3.  Seattle approved a municipal income tax on it's richest citizens.

Republicans, libertarians, and other assorted "non-leftists" are in uproar over these items and tender the same, and correct, arguments against them.  They will drive away businesses, employers, rich people, and others.  They will lessen the amount of employment offered to the public.  And they will actually hurt the poor, the disadvantaged, and the ADHDDHADHDDHD people's the left so loudly claim to want to help. 

It is a rare instance where the right is actually trying to help those on the left.

But let me offer an alternative viewpoint.  One that is in agreement with the left, the $15 minimum wage, and a municipal income tax on large metro area's richest.  And one that might even get the non-left to agree with, as well as calm their nerves.

Let them have it.

I don't know if you noticed, but socialist utopias like the Soviet Union, Venezuela, modern day Zimbabwe, and America's own Detroit have a tendency to punish the stupid.  If you're so dumb and naive to think "magically" jacking up the minimum wage to some arbitrary number or taxing the rich "just this much more" is going to overcome the problems and consequences of having children you can't afford, majoring in stupid shit, being lazy, or any one of the numerous mistakes leftists make, then you deserve the hell you wreak upon yourself.  And while I know philosophically, fundamentally, and morally you might be against a minimum wage or municipal income tax, I ask you, who is this going to hurt?

If you look at large metro areas they are predominantly populated by liberals, leftists, college students, and trust fund babies.  And those that make enough money to be taxed in a municipal income tax are also likely goodie-two-shoes-obedient-leftist-sheeple who just can't wait to buy some kamboucha at Pioneer Square. 

So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?

If there is a complaint to be had it's for you moron NON-leftists that still decide to live in major metropolitan areas where they hate success, they hate freedom, and they hate whites and males.  I know your downtown condo is really cool, and I know the coffee is just fabulous at that little cafe.  But if the handful of non-leftists were to simply have the self-respect to leave leftist shitholes like Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and Denver, then these "smarter-than-thou" leftists could tax the ever living hell out of each other and bring upon the Detroit-fateism they so rightly deserve.

The issue of a $15/hr minimum wage or a municipal income tax is not one of economic policy, philosophy, or politics.  It's poetic justice.  It's just desserts.  It's effortless vengeance.  You just have to be smart enough to step out of the way and not live in a major liberal metro area when leftists get in a circular firing squad.


Mark said...

Ummm, don't you live in Minneapolis?

Anonymous said...

The problem evident with California. Everyone, leftists included, is trying to leave. They leave the leftist shitholes and move out into the red states and the country, then proceed to vote in more shit. I've traveled the country recently and EVERYWHERE I went locals complained about Californians or New Yorkers moving in, driving up land prices, and voting in every sort of tax and regulation imaginable.

I say let the left rot, but let them rot in the cities away from us.

Anonymous said...

Just found you from Safety Doc podcast. "Circular firing squad" is brilliant. I live among the Amish. I would join them if it weren't for the goofy religion and their objections to electrons.

Un Americano said...

Every single time. They get what they demand and they will regret it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Decline.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Lefty cities, and why not all cities, should help those students who have an accredited degree in a non-stem field. These students should be rewarded for the hard work they put in and for the large sums they borrowed. They devoted themselves to learning subjects designed to benefit society, not just themselves. Now, in an unexpected grant of generosity, all US cities should award them an unexpected windfall.

Their employment should require a $50 minimum wage, arranging for them about $100K per year. Not just a living wage, but a triumphal wage. Their only requirement would be to proudly announce their special award status at any job interview.

kurt9 said...

I'm actually in favor of the $15/Hour minimum wage in most of the cities that have passed it. One, these places are so expensive to live in you need to make at least $15/hour to be able to cover one's living expenses. Two, it will drive the development of automation in service industry.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up kamboucha. Now I am concerned that you knew what it was.

Bill said...

That said, you should probably move out of the twin city's.

Anonymous said...

Only problem, when the liberal states and cities run up unsustainable debt the feds will bail them out.

Anonymous said...

Heh, "circular firing squad"... reminds me of Terrence Popp's "two way rifle range".

You are absolutely right about avoiding these places. I live in Canada and when we elected the first transgendered person as Prime Minister they immediately started voraciously attacking the taxpayers. The only thing that a person can do in the face of a hostile, confiscate and spend, vampire government is to scale back earnings. I switched from full-time to part-time at work and it's beautiful. Along with the 4 day work week, I got to watch my income tax bill decrease for the first time in my life. Beautiful. And if our first gay/transgendered PM and his band of pillagers win the next election, I'll drop to 3 days per week.

Because they can increase tax rates and don't need your approval. They can invent new taxes all they want. What they can't do is force you to work. The so called "progressive" tax system" is essentially incentivizing people to earn less.. and that's just what I'm doing. Of course it helps if you aren't a debt slave.

Anonymous said...

I moved from a large deteriorating city in Canada, Edmonton (gone immigrant crazy and now with a far left and very dull-witted NDP government) and moved to a small west coast community but it's chocabloc with leftist arseholes too. What's a right-leaning common sense realist to do? The vermin is everywhere.

bobby said...

"So why are you trying to stop them from hurting themselves?"

Because always - always - once they've succeeded in turning their own territory into socialist wastelands with no jobs, robber baron government, and horrid social problems, they declare victory and start moving to where the rest of us live so they can bring the same hell-on-earth to us.

oren black said...

They'll win because of all their virtues like legalizing weed and giving a terrorist $10M for killing a US soldier.

Here's a video about this:


StanFL said...

Somebody important once said that states are political laboratories. That's probably crushed by now, but perhaps cities can fulfill this role. Give them a decade or two to see what happens.

Tucanae Services said...


The problem is, finally the situation gets so bad in the shithole the leftists created that they want to opt out too. Sounds good till one realizes that the dipshits in their new environs start grovelling for the same high tax low value amenities that they had in the shithole they left.