Monday, July 17, 2017

Job Hopping is Good for You

I loved it when all the gray hairs told me "you don't want to be a job hopper do you????"

Yes, actually, yes you do.


Bill said...

Or, buy things that pay dividends and enjoy the high life of the investor class.

U b1tch

Anonymous said...

Yup. Stay long enough to accomplish something tangible. Once you've made a great product, ask for a raise. Don't get it? Dust off the resume and find someone who'll give it to you.

I live in Boston (home of Harvard, MIT, and other high end universities, as well as tons of "intelligent" people). My company still can't seem to set up interviews for software engineering / data science roles without bringing in people who require a work visa to join. So if they're making a huge margin off your work, then there's no excuse why you can't see a larger piece of it; they simply can't just replace you.

Jim Scrummy said...

Yep. You have to job hop to get ahead. The baby boomer bosses tsk tsk job hopping. Had an interview a few years ago with a baby boomer VP. He had only worked at 2 or 3 companies in his 30 year career. He looked at my resume and said I had had many jobs. I should've said "No Shit Dick Tracy (since I already knew I didn't want the position and the company wasn't going to hire me), it's because all of you baby boomers are hogging all of the Director level positions in many companies". But I wussed out.

I am proud of my job hopping, and am glad I've done it throughout my career. Now on to the next chapter!

A Texan said...

Unless it's a government job. Then you can accumulate sick leave and vacation and game the system a bit if you are not in a critical role.

More HR crap though in the article. No one can make their mind. If you stay too long, it's bad. If you job hop it's bad. Whatever.

Anonymous said...


1. You stay in the same industry (vital!!!)
2. You have a solid notion of what you want to be and be doing in 10-15 years. If ytou have no target or bulls-eye, you'll never know how far off course you are.

Be a job hopper across industries and your resume will scream "I DON'T KNOW WHO OR WHAT I AM!!"

Anonymous said...

The "grey hairs" have created a world in which the only way to move UP is to move OUT, so f--- them if they don't like job hopping. If there were such things as training opportunities, promotions and reasonably secure employment, we wouldn't need to job hop.

Anonymous said...

Three to four years? Two years is an eternity is the software development world. If you aren't getting a substantial raise or a non-BS title promotion after a year, it's time to start looking for greener pastures. Only the old cranks and dumb HR ditzes care about how long you worked past jobs, and they are not usually worth working for.

Then again the software industry is the closest thing we have to a free market anymore. YMMV in other industries bogged down by licensing, regulation, unions and stodgy baby boomers. I can see why growth was so rapid earlier in the country's history.

Tucanae Services said...

I am an old boomer. IT biz for 35 years. In that time early on I was job hopping about every 18-36 months mostly in software engineering. Even when I had a job at a single company for 20 years I was doing a different function about every 4 years or so. Contrary to Anonymous opinion it is not the industry focus one possesses but the function one has in any particular industry. A IT security specialist job hopping across industries is not frowned on, fact it is almost required.

One thing has not changed -- you are MyBiz LLC. If you are working as a contractor or day labor it is obvious you are MyBiz LLC. But even in a firm where you are a W2 earner, you are MyBiz LLC as well. You have a brand whether you realize it or not. Only you can leverage it or damage it.

One last comment. (A) know what and be as close to what makes the cash register ring for whomever you work for. The further away you are from that reality the easier you are to eliminate. Nor does that always mean sales. (B) Be the guy/gal who is eliminating everything not related to (a), even if it means eliminating your very job. Remember you are MyBiz LLC, so while doing (b) know the savings or earnings you generated, how you accomplished it and the next position you want if any and make that accomplishment obvious to the right people. Whatever move you make with (b) should be to get closer to (a).

Tucanae Services said...

"Then again the software industry is the closest thing we have to a free market anymore. YMMV in other industries bogged down by licensing, regulation, unions and stodgy baby boomers. I can see why growth was so rapid earlier in the country's history" -- Anon


Old problem == New problem
licensing certifications
regulation regulation (especially in the EU)
unions H-1B (4 firms dominate this, union eq)
baby boomers Indians who only hire Indians

The title and players changed but the problem(s) are still there.

Unknown said...

Job hopping? You can be pushed out by the new H-2b if the H-1b doesn't get you first. Corporations are going all red and brown. Brown employees and red ink for everyone. The Retail Apocalypse is in full swing. Apple says it will be a Trillion Dollar Company. Yeah, a Trillion. That used to be a lot of money Dr. Evil.
They say the US Dollar may be losing value. No shit. What is it now like one cent compared to the US Dollar BEFORE the Federal Reserve Act?
Jobs are something you can focus on, but the Economy is DEAD. H. Ross Perot was right man. You cannot have a country like this without a manufacturing base. The Rust Belt is the ruins of America. Revolution is Inevitable now.