Friday, July 07, 2017

CNN is an Evil Entity Getting Exactly What It Deserves

CNN has been lying to Americans and the world for far too long. This has been apparent to anybody with true critical thinking skills or just the ability to look up and verify things on the internet.  But, thanks to Trump provoking them and stirring their leftist ire, they have done fucked up.

Now 4Chan is doxxing some people at CNN (a practice most people at CNN no doubt long as it's against republicans).

And after the WWE and Russia debacles, CNN is now rated below Nick at Nite

Apparently the fake-but-hates-you Anderson Cooper veneer is wearing off and even the American sheeple are starting to realize they've been lied to.



D J said...

Hopefully, Faux News is next.

Faux is the other side of the false paradigm.

Kurt said...

I'd agree they (fox) are into sensationalism but they have actually been the most balanced running about 50/50 for/against Trump pieces.

The other MSM stations are at 10/90 for/against Trump stories, with most of their time till now spent on Russia stories.

But in this day and age if you're getting news from MSM sources, you're likely getting news through a filter of crap.

Unknown said...

This is the EXACT reason we not only voted Trump into office, but why we NEEDED to vote him into office.

There were no allusions he would be the most conservative president of all time. Anyone thinking that was/is an idiot.

We needed someone who wouldn't feint at the first sign of finger-wagging from the leftist overlords, and who would instead smack them, metaphorically at the least, upside their noggin'.

I find it spectacular, at the exact moment such a person was needed, we got him.

Not tired yet.

Anonymous said...

What would be interesting is to know how CNN came up so quickly with the identity of HanAssholeSolo in the first place.