Monday, July 31, 2017

Nothing Stinks Worse Than Desperation

Even disease.


Jim Scrummy said...

Aussie Guy,

Like the good Cappy said, don't be desperate for women, rather make women desperate for you. Having no debt at 21 is freakin' awesome! Having you're own successful youtube channel is a great start, keep doing that! But, like Cappy said, get your production costs down. Again being 21, you have a good 20 years to "play the field" to meet the right "one" (just make sure you physically work out, trust me it helps get you noticed by women, if you are fit, they notice even at my advanced age). Most of my friends in my peer group were married by 30. I didn't get married until I was 37, and my wife is 9 years younger than me. I had a helluvalotoffun while I was single (and not affluent, but still traveled extensively), so don't be in a rush to find the "perfect one", because they don't exist. Finding the "perfect one" for yourself is something you'll have to figure out, like everybody else does.

In regards to the smell, have you tried to change your diet? That may help? Seen any specialists in regards to your mouth odor? Just something to think about.

BlogDog said...

Doesn't Listerine still make those "breath strips" that dissolve on the tongue? He could carry a few packs of those if he wants to be discreet.