Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Silicon Valley Bubble

Interesting read from  Apparently the advertising revenue is not manifesting itself like it should, nor resulting in the sales internet advertising promised. I personally know that Facebook ads are completely pointless, doing absolutely nothing to raise sales of books or Asshole Consulting.  Additionally, with YouTube cutting people's commission on their YouTube channels, I asked the simple question "Why not make your own personal ads on YouTube" instead of relying on YouTube's advertising partners.

Also, it was interesting to see how he painted the "FANG's" are mere middle men, which they are, even though they own the social media and technological platforms by which nearly all e-commerce happens. 

Can't say I'd be sad to see Google and Apple tank.  But, as evidenced in the article, there's too much QE money for their stocks to tank.  And there's too many sheeple in America willing to buy those stocks.


YIH said...

Facebook is especially bad, scads of 'bots' and fake users, also just because you placed the ad doesn't mean it will actually be seen by what Mark Zuckerberg calls ''Dumb fucks'', AKA Facebook lusers.
From what I've seen the only online ads that have any effectiveness at all are static display ads - like the ones that already exist on your blog. The rest like video ads, pop ups/unders, and ''click grabbers'' (where say, just clicking anywhere on a page, link or not, triggers ads) just piss people off and make them resort to various means to block that digital sewage.

tpkeefe said...

Jaron Lanier has already talked about FANG as the middlemen.

CT said...

Facebook advertisement does not work that way. "Likes" mean nothing other than money spent and ego. The main reach is shares to folks with large friend lists. Problem is, the only thing most people share is stupid memes. Some folks, I have to ignore them because their FB page has zero original content.

Facebook is primarily a somewhat spam-free IM client, a poor man's background check, social networking and meetup tool, a place to inform folks who somewhat care about events, and yet another place to receive feed back with much better moderation tools than blogger. It's great for that.

But if people want to buy something, they are going to do it at your website.

My girlfriend is an artist who sells clay stuff. She has gotten sales referred from Facebook for custom pieces. My parents have a fused glass business and they also get custom orders through FB messages. To my knowledge, they have paid zero for ads or likes.