Sunday, February 04, 2018

If Ayn Rand Enjoyed the Decline

A very kind and humbling review of "Enjoy the Decline" at XYZed

David delves into the world of whether or not democracy is worth saving if it leads to socialism and tyranny.  He argues that it vindicates violence if necessary because socialism inevitably leads to tyranny, if not, slavery of the producers by the parasites. 

I, thankfully and cowardly, don't concern myself with the future of society or civilization and take a much darker approach of just not caring what happens to humanity after I die.  Matter of fact, the more I run into people (of all political stripes) the more disdain and disrespect I have for them, to the point I'm almost happy they're rushing forward off the cliff like the lemmings they are.  If I had kids, this would be different, but society scorched it very clearly and very early in my mind that this was no place for children, especially ones you love.  It's not worth trying to save and it's certainly not worth your finite time and life on this planet trying to stop people who hate you and are trying to live off of you.

I encourage young women and girls to pursue feminism.
I encourage soy boys to major in the liberal arts and be "sensitive."
I encourage smarter-than-thou teenagers and 20 somethings to believe they're one of the 38 flavors of gender.
I encourage welfare recipients to have as many kids as they can't afford.
I encourage minorities and women to get enraged and obsessed about division politics.
I encourage career obsessed women to get masters degrees and outsource their kids to daycare.

There is no worse punishment in life than being a leftist and worshiping it as a religion.

All I ask of the dwindling few of you who actually are self-supporting, independent, freedom loving NON-leftist Americans is to enjoy the decline.


MatrixTransform said...

Cheers, mate

Anonymous said...

Hoard ammo.

Anonymous said...

On the strength of that review I went back and re-read "Enjoy the Decline".

While the analysis on where the USA currently is, and why, seem as correct now as it did in 2012, your take on what to do about this seems kinda dated and at odds with the opinions you've been putting forward in your blog over the last year or so.

The theme of the book very much comes across as "The system is stacked against you and the only way to win is not to play. Oh and if it all gets too bad, eat your Smith and Wesson."

More recently your stuff have been noticeably "Well if we're playing their game I might as well play it to win: Make like Oprah and sell 'em the lies that they want." (Dunno if you realise it but you reference Oprah a LOT.)

Could you do a post that clarifies why your thinking is changing on this, and how you reconcile the idea of making a stack of cash with the whole "If you make it, they'll probably just come and take if off you" principle?