Thursday, February 15, 2018

Some Serious Wisdom Here

The logic of this judge makes me slightly hopeful for the future and that freedoms are being protected.


Anonymous said...

Bakersfield is one of the last conservative strongholds in California, but is being overrun by pot smokers and illegals, like much of the rest of the state. They have some decent judges and a good sheriff. If your planning on committing crimes in CA, don't drive through Bakersfield, as the police department has a nasty habit of pumping drive thru criminals from L.A. full of lead.

Anonymous said...

While I philosophically oppose forcing anyone to serve anyone else, I do understand why it happens with restaurants, stores, etc. They are physical locations open to the public, and we have blown it in the past w/ Jim Crow laws. I oppose actively excluding people from society, so that's that.

But this stuff is not the same. This isn't someone kicking someone else out because he doesn't like that they are gay. This is someone who doesn't want to sink his time working on a project he deems offensive to his values. He's not kicking them out, he's not stopping any wedding, he's simply saying that he doesn't want to show up with a big wedding cake. That's a huge difference: making him work on a specific task and show up to their private event.

Like reverse it for a second: if I was having a small pro-life meetup (maybe 50-100 of us grab a meeting hall for a few speakers) and a restaurant owned by a planned parenthood donor refused to serve us, we'd be laughed at for trying to sue.