Monday, February 19, 2018

The Days We Didn't Always Obsess About Race

Allow me to tell you about the 80's.

It was a magical time.  It was a wonderful time.  And perhaps it seemed so wonderful if you were unfortunate enough to have lived through the 70's.  But whether you had that comparison or not, it really didn't matter.  The economy was booming, we had a president you knew loved Americans and had their best interests at heart.  The world's largest evil (Soviet communism) was reforming itself out of necessity as it was failing.  And though it is certainly up for debate, Americans got a hair cut, disco died, the hippies went away, architecture and fashion returned to something more normal, and society (be it buildings or people) got a lot prettier to look at.  It was perhaps what people felt like in the 50's even though I wasn't there to remember it.

But then I was tuning into the Bechtloff podcast last night and he made an observation about the 90's that I also had about the 80's.

You could go an entire day, week, even month not thinking about race or sex.

Certainly you would see minorities out in public.
Women, no matter where you were, were there.
And the likes of Michael Jackson, Mr. T, and Junkyard Dog were childhood superheroes whose skin color certainly was there, but never registered beyond "Ain't Michael Jackson a slightly paler shade than the last time we saw him?"

But you never thought about race, sex, racism or sexism.  You just thought about your day.

Then the 90's came in.

The reason Chris Bechtloff remembers a childlike "non-race-obsessed 90's" is because the left had just started rolling out their racial-divide-and-conquer strategy in colleges and universities.  They euphemistically called it "diversity" but it was so annoying, so forced, and so obvious what they were doing, smarter people just ignored it, dismissing it as another leftist attempt to whine, complain and demand more of other people's money.  But whereas I thought most people could see through this charlatainism, most did not.  And soon diversity was no longer a mindless chant leftist life-long college students would mindlessly recite, but it crept its way into freshmen orientation, mandatory pre-req classes, missions statements at the universities, and made the jump to government, the private sector and media.

Now, it is cacophony that's all over the place.  And now, you have a full generation of young people who have grown up not knowing what it was like not to worry about diversity, race, or sexism every day, because it wasn't forced fed down your throats.

So let me tell you young boys and girls;

Yes, there was a time you could play with your buddy "Luther" and not think about his race, but simply if he wanted to play baseball or go collect cans.

You could watch a movie like Blade and not have Hollywood or the media masturbate themselves into a frenzy over it being the first real black superhero movie.

You could wake up and be pretty sure most Americans preferred to protect their borders, and not be guilt tripped into feeling bad because you decided you wanted to live in a 1st world nation.

You were simply allowed to be mentally and psychologically free of this hatred, division, and synthesized guilt the American left has burdened everybody's minds with today because deep down inside you weren't racist or sexist.  You just didn't think that much about race and cared more about who they were than what they looked like.

Unfortunately now the entire country is mentally obsessed with race, sex, and now 38 flavors of sexual preference.  You will never know what it was like to just wake up and not worry about these things, go to school and never have your teacher nag you about diversity and acceptance, or be forced to sit in diversity or tolerance classes.  You will never know what it was like not to have everybody hawking over your social media posts to ensure you said the right things your indoctrinators told you.  You will never know what it's like to go and watch a movie without that leftist-mind-worm gnawing at your brain, forcing you to view the movie in terms of how many minority characters there are, and not in fact enjoying the movie.

It was a great time.  And I wish you were there to enjoy it.  But sadly, you missed out on it.  But then again, most of you didn't even know what life was like pre-diversity-divide-and-conquer so perhaps this is just "the new normal."
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duck said...

Besides the leftist barrage of multicultural propaganda, it’s hard to ignore race when the towns and cities have changed so dramatically. This is due to having a larger percent of immigrants than any other time in US history!

There were also major changes to legal immigration laws in 1965. The typical American was and is for the moment a Christian, English speaking person, of mixed European descent. Places where this kind of person is no longer the majority isn’t American any more.

cecilhenry said...

Homogeneous nations.

Freedom of association.

Those are the things that allow one to live without being obsessed or harassed about race.

Its always good to point out that the transformation of America from a 90% White country was the result not of love for humanity but of hatred for White people.
Access to white people is not a human right: Enough.

A Texan said...

I have no white guilt over anything. I'm more than happy to tell people that everything great we have in society as far as living standard and technology is because of white European males who created these things.

White Europeans are also pretty good at government overall. Anglo-Saxons gave us a lot of what we have today though it has deteriorated much over the decades.

Anonymous said...

This hydra-social experiment will be over soon (debt-spending ensures it) and despite the ocean of denial, the decades of gas-lighting and the repression of observable facts and results-- culture and intelligence are not transferable through magic dirt or forced association. Women cannot compete with men in most fields and should not be encouraged too-- it kills society and extinguishes any built civilization.

I grock that blaming white men might make some feel better or detract from their, or their tribes, own responsbility and consequences for said actions, but if they have reached that conclusion they are fucked anyway. Detach yourself from these parasites. All western men should go Galt and let it burn.