Thursday, February 01, 2018

You are Responsible for Your Father's Sins and Debts

Well, at least according to marxists and SJW's anyway.


Faithless Cynic said...

Stand by for the priveledged, white, working class, male response.

I am not sorry.

I do not Fucking care.

Quit whining and get a Fucking job.

Find another Fucking reason to explain your failure.

Response over, gotta get back to work :-)

Jay said...

And yet blacks will never be expected to pay back the significantly greater number of white men sacrificed upon the alter of war to end slavery compared to the total number of slaves brought into the USA bought from their own brothers and Islamic traders.
Nor will Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, et al. ever pay the USA back for putting our military boots down and literally telling the rest of the world to keep out of the Americas in the 1800s.

Tell them,
"Sirah, US men do not owe anyone a damn thing, if anything they are owed. Best start settling that debt before they get tired of looking at the IOU."

Blinding Buddha said...

I have been in situations like this before. Because of my Spanish European Blood from my father I'm viewed as an enemy by some activists. They blame me for the Slave Trading and Conquistadoring that my so called fore fathers may have done. To be honest I really have not gone that far back in my family history. I'm not ashamed of who I'am or where I'm from I will not apologize for something that happened hundreds of years ago. It happened, Its sad, lets move on