Friday, February 02, 2018

Never Send Your Kids to Edina Public Schools

Looks like white guilt has taken over, and by "taken over" I mean, substituted learning valuable skills with how to hate whitey.


liberranter said...

Never send your kids to ANY public school ANYWHERE. It is the worst form of child abuse imaginable, one with life-long damaging consequences.

Anonymous said...

The same thing is happening in Vermont. I'm not surprised there.

Anonymous said...

Home schooling is the way to go. Make sure you kids get a good education!

Tony Trucano said...

I was thinking about saying why I am conservative.
Two main reasons.
1. You are accountable for you do and don't do in life. Your successes and failures.
2. It looks good on paper that people get along, but people will find the stupidest reasons to ostracize others. People don't get along that well.

BriarRabbit said...

Halfway through, I thought the article was satire. Then I went to their home page.

Not fake. Not fake, dude. This shit is fucking real.