Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But the mom's boyfriend who raped and impregnated all of her daughters was.

But don't worry.  Government checks are a perfect substitute for fathers.  And she totally loves her babies so it's all good.  You just go about your business and enjoy the decline.


David said...

I have a few thoughts on this story:

1) The good taxpayers of Georgia is going to pay to house this creepo for 27 years.

2) The good taxpayers of Georgia as well as the rest of America is going to be paying for these girls babies. So now we the taxpayers are paying for THREE generations in that household.

We the taxpayers are clearly the biggest losers in all of this.

David said...

This man made the fatal mistake of not being a 27 year old woman instead of a 27 year old man. If he were a woman allowing a 12-14 year old boy impregnate him, not only would she NOT do 27 years in prison, she would get free government bennies and the poor 14 year old father would be on the hook for 18 years of child support.

Anonymous said...

Too true. It says a lot about a nation, and nothing good, that does that sort of thing to an underaged boy (of course, they’ll never do that to a girl.)

What should happen in those cases is the woman should be thrown in jail like the pedophile piece of garbage she is, the boy should get counseling and the baby put up for adoption. The woman has already proven herself an unfit mother.