Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why You Never Invest in California

You don't own your company, assets, or property, even if you bought them with your own hard-earned money.

The government does and it will tell you what to do with it.

Like not kicking out a deadbeat when he doesn't pay rent, and giving him a year's worth of free lodging.

Oh well, you California kids enjoy the decline!


Take The Red Pill said...

"You don't own your company, assets, or property, even if you bought them with your own hard-earned money.
The government does, and it will tell you what to do with it..."

This sounds like the schoolbook definition of how a business operates under a "fascist" form of government (which I learned over thirty years ago in Economics 101).
I'll bet that it's quite different from what a typical 'Antifa' Useful Idiot thinks 'fascism' is now.

Anonymous said...

An important part of ancient Greek democracy was "ostracism". It didn't mean just ignoring someone. Every year the citizens got together and voted to kick one person out of the society with no trial and no defense for 10 years. You didn't need a legal reason or any reason at all to vote for someone. In a city of a few tens of thousands this allowed them to just get rid of troublemakers and rabble-rousers who managed to skirt the law. (George Soros?)

Our country desperately needs to ostracize the entire state of California.

Anonymous said...

Detroit has a version of this also. The city sends inspectors to rental housing, and if they determine the housing is substandard, require landlords to make improvements and buy a certificate from the city. If the landlords don't, the tenants put their rent payments into an escrow account, which is refundable to the renters. The renters also retain the right to inhabit the property.

SM777 said...

Capital flight and economic collapse are features of socialism and commiefornia.

David said...

Every time I see pictures of tent cities of homeless people living in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I see people who are living better than people who own homes in California. As rough as these people living in tents, at least they aren't paying outrageous California property taxes or home prices.

For the sake of an argument if I had to live in Cali, I would rather live in a tent than to rent or buy a house there. Simple economics. A $300 Coleman tent is much, much cheaper than paying $500,000 to $1 million dollars for a house in that commie state.

Faithless Cynic said...

I hear that there is a SHORTAGE OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING, mostly in lib areas. For 17 years now, I tried to provide affordable housing in my libtard area. An example is my nice 4 bedroom townhouse. The rent started out at $800 per month in 2005 and escalated to a staggering, unaffordable rate of $845 a month by 2015. So, the scumbag landlord (me) jacked the rent a staggering, unaffordable 6 percent over the space of 10 years, while fixing every thing the tenants broke. In reponse to this behavior, the tenant hated me, sent insulting emails, called after midnight with minor complaints, and cussed me out when they were late with rent :-) . I had enough and terminated the lease.

Warm Shady Fraud moment alert!

The tenants complained that they could now only afford a 2 bedroom instead of my 4 bedroom. They were hoarders and had to tap the 401K to afford a 30 cubic yard dumpster which they filled to overflowing. Now they live in a nice but tiny 2 bedroom up the street.

I now have a service to find, evict, and deal with tenants and listen to thier hatred. I do minimal maintenance and make more money. The new rent is $1050 a month and will rise every fucking year.

How is that hatred for small property owners working for you, Hillerite scum? I have no idea why anyone would not love to be a landlord and serve the underpriveledged tenant.

Faithless Cynic said...

The older I get, the better being living in an RV full time looks. No property taxes, no fixed assets to be stolen by local governments, just drive away if they start hassling you. I was camping in Assateugue and ran into a guy who converted an old box truck into a nice camper. He installed a standard home door into a hole cut into the existing roll up door. Some old kitchen cabinets, a propane stove, bed, portable toilet and you are done. Aside from the modified door and outside mounted propane tank, no one could tell the truck was a camper. You could camp down by the river or in Walmarts parking lot forever.

Commercial trucks cost more for repairs and the larger tires are pricey. Other than that, you should have no problems.

Anonymous said...

"$300 Coleman tent"? Does Coleman even make tents that expensive? Is everything magically twice the cost in Commiefornia?

David said...

Anonymous - In most states, you can get a good top of the line 8 person tent for $200 or less. A really good 12 person tent can cost about $300. Regardless of the price of the tent, it is still way cheaper to live in one than owning a house in Commiefornia.