Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

But remember, a life time supply of government checks is a perfect, if not superior, substitute to having a father around.


liberranter said...

Mason and his twin brother were living in Glenndria's apartment under her care after their biological mother was arrested last year for reckless conduct. Records from child services indicate that Geraldine Mason abused her children and had "extreme temper issues."

The piece(s) of shit from CPS who put that little boy in the "care" of these two feral bitches need(s) to be charged with premeditated murder.

Faithless Cynic said...

Cue the standard response heard in many police interrogation rooms: We dindu nuttin! Bonus points for lots of arm waving and swear to GAWD I dindu it.

The problem is, anyone making more than 20K per year is paying these lovelies to breed more Democrats.