Sunday, April 29, 2018

Baby Boomer Journalism Majors Duped by Millennial Journalism Majors

This story epitomizes when you should never have trust the MSM and why modern day "journalists" are nothing more that shit-brown hacks lying for clicks.  For the old school "journalists" who insist they are the fourth branch of government, it belies just how lacking you are in genuine journalistic integrity.  For the neo-journalists out there, you are just click-bait whores who will lie to get your Google adsense check in the mail.

This merely re-emphasizes my previous position that journalism majors are the dumbest majors out there, and we can throw "despicable" as well.



Post Alley Crackpot said...

"Journo" rhymes with "urinal", and they're usually both full of nasty-smelling piss ...

Sometimes they don't even empty out the urinals.

Christiane Amanpour has a sex show on CNN, and Anthony Bourdain is producing it.

Well, isn't that special.

Because it's being shown on a "news channel", CNN can get away with showing it before the "watershed" in the United States, which means your kids can watch this wizzened old bag try to act like she's Cool Girl all over again instead of her cowering behind the lines at some international hotel with a full-service bar and comfortable bedding in Basrah, but now she's Live and Direct on Network Twenty-REEs with Mature Chick Gravitas and soft lighting so the viewers don't get sick.

But let's talk about the benefits of the Young Journo Slut over her would-be competitor the Used-Up Old Journo Whorebag, shall we?

Do you know what else is click bait?


The Young Journo Slut is in her element when you give her an environment where she can whore herself out. Tricks for clicks? You're just an Internet Marketer driving click traffic to her scratch-and-sniff card. It's all good! You're helping her build her career!

Whereas with the Used-Up Old Journo Whorebag, even in her prime (if there was such a thing), you'd have to make up some song and dance about Leading Her To An Important Stow-REE. Yeah yeah, I know you don't want to go out to watch the British troops getting their asses shot at by the locals, but I know this Hot Little Personal Interest Story we can go to without getting shot at, and then maybe we can go back to your hotel for some Hotter Personal Interest Stories?

Pathetic, and it takes all goddamn day just to get anywhere, sometimes even a whole goddamn week, and eventually you smack yourself like the bitch you have become and wonder why you're not fucking some camera chick. Worse, you still got shot at.

Back then the odds were better at nailing the camera chicks. When they're on, they're on, and when they're off, they want to get off. What else is there in a fucking war zone?

Now the Young Journo Camera Sluts are direct-to-consumer -- this is the face of progress!

Is Brittany Pettiboner giving you a New Reich Hard-On? Direct-to-consumer, baybee!

Is Mattress Girl making you want to see more than her five minutes of fame? Direct-to-consumer, baybee!

And every guy working these angles has pimp hand so strong he can smack a bitch from five time zones away. You thought Tucker Max was the shit, but then he became Tucker Maxi-Pad. It's OK, there's five thousand more of them now. Ryan Wotsisface can clue you in on the scene, he was there man, he was there, he's got blisters on his fingers.

So there's a guy who cosplayed a "student loan expert" so he could smack some reader bitches up?

Direct-to-consumer, baybee!

Anonymous said...

Just watch the first season of House of Cards and you will understand the life of a journalist. Lol