Thursday, April 12, 2018

Career Uber Alles

Ignore those whispers of desiring children, a husband, and a family.
Ignore those whispers of playing with your children and bonding with them.
Ignore your desires of what you want and what you desire.

Your career is more important.
Your career is uber alles.
Your career is more important than yourself.


Anonymous said...

I remember once the founder of my company was annoyed.

Why was he annoyed? Because we were hiring juniors to join my team. And all the candidates were were contacting were men. He was worried about looking "not inclusive". Fact was, we probably got 10 male resumes for every 1 female. Can only interview and hire those that apply.

David Reynolds said...

If men are going into computer programming/IT and engineering at a rate of 5-1 over women, it stands to reason that men are going to greatly outnumber women in the real world in those fields.

Anonymous said...

My first week there I cried because I was the only woman [on my team],” she said. “No one looked me in the eye.”

She cried because she was the only women on her team? What a special snowflake.

DocVinny said...

I read the article and I wanted to throw up. I ran a small tech company in the 1980's. We read every resume that came in, and people with a clue were hard to find. We had maybe 30 resumes from men for each one from a woman. I was a lot more liberal back then, we wanted to find women to hire.. We hired one who looked great on paper, she lasted less than one day. It wasn't because of "sexism", it's because she had no clue what she was doing. She landed in the deep end of the pool, and almost drowned. She was smart enough to quit after one day rather than fail miserably and get fired.