Sunday, April 08, 2018

Leaving Your Muslim Parents

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Purge187 said...

Here's to hoping the parents don't stone them or throw acid on them when they do try to leave.

YIH said...

I think your advice here was just plain bad. To me it sounded like: ''Eh, put one bullet in the revolver, spin the cylinder, put it in the mouth and pull the trigger... What could go wrong?''
The only way for her to do what Cappy suggests and survive, yes, as in ''not being killed'', is she has to make it a TOTAL CLEAN BREAK. That means putting a LOT of physical, geographical, linear mileage between her and her family AND NO CONTACT. That means NO visits, NO text messages, NO phone calls, NO emails, NO snail mail letters, NOTHING. ''Conservative Muslims'' take this stuff seriously, as in very seriously, as in life and death seriously: If you mean ''disown'' as in ''hunt down and kill'' or ''lure her home to grab and kill her'', yes, they will ''disown'' her. It's not like moving to a different state then occasionally calling or visiting ol' pops to shoot the breeze. That can't happen for her. She makes a phone call to mom and it's ''Please come home, please come home, we love you so much! Please honey, we love you so much, please come home!''. Then she wavers, says, ''OK, I'll stop by for a little visit'', comes for a visit, mom opens the door and the last words she ever speaks are ''Hi mom''. That's how Islam works. Her only choices are: TOTAL CLEAN BREAK, as described above, comply with her parents wishes, or die a brutal death at the hands of a family member. Yes, indeed, Islam can be (and very often is) that brutal.

Stewart said...