Friday, April 13, 2018

Do People Hate Libertarians???

An interesting question I got from a client today:


Jay said...

I wouldn't say anyone actually 'hates' libertarians (I definitely don't, though sometimes certain ones can be a bit... weird). Well, except Leftists, they hate everyone who doesn't look and think like them.

No... Generally, I think the problem is not so much hate, but fear. Most are so caught up in their government 'freebies' the idea of cutting back is psychologically terrifying and the thought of actually having to take care of themselves without big brother makes them physically ill.

So they must rage, shut down, and dismiss off-hand any ideals which do so.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians are like leftist that sip on coffee and pontificate about politics all day long. Without actually doing anything with their lives.

Un Americano said...

Freebies > freedom.

A Texan said...

The libertarians or libertardians as I call them that I despise the most are the open border morons who truly think that race, IQ, and culture don't matter. That's how deluded they are just as the leftist. It's kind of Marx's fanciful BS about how the state would wither away if everyone adopted communism. It's lost on libertardians that other cultures have little concept of the ideas of limited government and property rights.

Anonymous said...

I would consider myself a classical liberal and know damn well that good fences make good neighbors. Moreover, the culture and culture wars writ large, as it appears in its current state, is non stop assault agaisnt the cannon of Western Civilization. But even that idea is more of daily sports score read: Pinker (Enlightenment Now) unequivocally and un-apologetically demonstrates that market capitalism kicks the shit out of welfare\socialist\collectivist states, even with our welfare\warfare crony-klepto b.s.And
Its not lost on my that many societies and still entrenched in tribalism and were not born into Lockean ideas.

That said most libertarian events I've been to are mixed. Freedom Fest in Vegas is a decent event.

YIH said...

As ''A Texan'' said, libertarians are delusional. It may work in a small self-selected group; The ''Galt's Gulch'' section of ''Atlas Shrugged'' - but if you've read that book, you know it was an physically isolated area that Dagny Taggart literately found purely by accident. Those on the outside could not find it and it was defended to keep outsiders out.
From a site you're rather familiar with:
As I detailed here, for over a century America did have a free-market. Government regulations were largely non-existent. As a result trusts and oligopolies (both of which act as monopolies) took over the economy. Eventually the federal government tried to impose some regulations to stop these monopolistic organizations from controlling the market and suppressing competition but the damage was already done.
He's right, the natural impetus of any business is either to become a monopoly (driving all it's competition into ruin) or a cartel (again, destroying competition).
The ironic part of the libertarian ideology is that they don’t want the authoritarian government to control our actions but they’re perfectly fine with private organizations controlling our actions.
When a ''private business'' become large enough, it itself becomes a de facto government. In one example literally.
As he points out, a true ''libertarian'' society, is, at it's core, anarchy. Which cannot sustain itself, because sooner or later, the most brutal, sadistic bastard(s) will seize authority - as is seen in Somalia, where regions are ruled absolutely by a warlord. And became such a hellhole that those there will ''vote with their feet'' for somewhere else. You know, such as Minnesota. I'm one of those who ''used to be a libertarian'' until I realized it's fantasyland, for most of the world, it simply can't work.

Anonymous said...

In answer to liberty, the body keeps the score....emergence is the antidote to entropy or chaos...

Those who trade liberty for security become enslaved to their current state; what you don’t see controls you via causality. And the body-politic that mirrors absent of, or far removed from, freedom, reflects estrangement and unhappiness in psych and appearance in matter of degrees. In the 21 Century this will come to close. Plato's know thyself circled the oceans of time grabbing Jefferson's famous lines...

Faster and faster, the front-runners are fleet
Blazing royal paths
As cycles complete.

Achievement,mastery, and experiencing PRIDE in ones one power, is more than exceptional but heroic; its like a bridge thrown over your life’s course that is supported and backstopped by the pillars of virtue that give it rise.

And new world order is shaped by the shape-shifters' and the front-runners who demonstrate the ascendant why.

Eventually one gets to the Medicine Wheel to fulfill one's life.
- Old Mouse, Arikar

A free society allows, encourages, and even depends on people who can define the values that give their lives meaning, and then pursue these values autonomously. It relies on people who are entrepreneurs in their own lives, who are capable of thinking for themselves, who have a sense of self-ownership, and the drive to make the most of themselves and their opportunities. The ideas of the social or culture warriors, on both sides of the conflict, are completely out of touch with that reality.

Living well increasingly requires what I have called the entrepreneurial outlook on life: a spirit of self-ownership, a conviction that one's life is one's own, not something for which one must answer to some higher power; a willingness to set the terms of one's life--to form convictions, to choose goals and values, and to make decisions--by one's own judgment, without dependence on others; a spirit of self-reliance, initiative, and alertness to opportunity, a belief that life is what you make of it.

The purpose of ethics is to help you find and enjoy what is best, not to sacrifice it. Pursuing your happiness, taking full responsibility for it, is a worthy and challenging task. It will take thought and effort, it will take ambition and courage, it will take everything you have, and if you succeed you will have the right to be proud, morally proud, of what you have accomplished.

A Philosophy for the 21 Century D Kelly.

~Unacknowledged Legislator~