Monday, April 23, 2018

David Hogg's 15 Minutes of Fame is Over

It was many years ago.  So many years ago I cannot find the original article.  But there was a young woman named Jessica Assaf who hailed from a rich county in California (Marlin) and as a then-high school student she was going to solve a crisis that was plaguing society.

She was going to go to the California state legislature to protest the use of chemicals in cosmetics!

She was very smart, with great grades in high school, even getting accepted to the Harvard Business School.  But as I predicted this veritable crusader, this "proto-SJW" was going to simply waste her abilities championing political crusades instead of becoming a productive member of society.  And true to form, and without fail, she did.  She is not heading up a division at GE.  She is not in Silicon Valley banging out code to make our lives easier.  She isn't even a mother raising 2 wonderful, well-reared children.  She isn't even selling lemonade at a lemonade stand on the corner.

She is "The Cannabis Feminist."

Whether this is a horrible super hero idea or just another one of the millions of millennial work-avoidance-non-profit-crusaderism schemes, it doesn't matter.  Ms. Assaf's raw intelligence and abilities were wasted and her pinnacle in life is forever etched in stone at 17.  Obscurity and irrelevance is now the remainder of her legacy in life.

Pick on Ms. Assaf all we want, the nature of "15 minutes of fame" is not necessarily politically related.  Take for example Walter Palmer.

Does that name even sound familiar?

Give it a minute or two and try to remember why that name was all the rage 2 years ago (if you can).

Without straining your memory too much more he was the "evil" dentist who shot Cecil the Lion.

Alas, 48 months later nobody remembers his name and he is allowed to continue on his dental practice unharassed by self-righteous, sanctimonious animal rights nutjobs.

Be it politics or hunting animals with cute names, however you get your 15 minutes of fame, realize it is only 15 minutes.  It will end and you will return to the life you had before.  Life will once again be "normal" and hopefully you cashed in monetarily on those 15 minutes society granted you (I always thought a book by Dr. Palmer called "Die, Cecil, DIE!" would make serious coin).  But the key difference between Dr. Palmer and Ms. Assaf is that Mr. Palmer has a skill, a trade, a profession to revert back upon while Ms. Assaf has...well...none.  And this is where we introduce David Hogg.

David Hogg if you didn't know is the poster child (emphasis on child) of the professional left's anti-gun agenda.  He is 17, not an adult, hasn't worked a real job in his life and has yet to pay rent.  You cannot fault this young man for any of this because afterall he is a child.  But this fact seemingly doesn't stop precious spoiled suburbanite American children from thinking they know more than the real world working adults.  And it certainly doesn't stop them from lecturing those of us who are wiser and older from how we should live our lives.

The reason for such arrogance and hubris is multifold.  Understandably, in the case of Jr. Hogg the reason for his protest (I will admit) is more important and valid than Ms. Assaf's.  Kids getting murdered in school is a tad more serious issue than chemicals in cosmetics.  But any intellectual honesty ends there and greed, arrogance, ego, and self-serving evil take over.  First there is the addiction to fame that both Jr. Hogg and Ms. Assaf could not resist.  Getting your name in the paper or your face on TV I'm sure provides a high that very few people can relate to.  Second is the prospects of avoiding a real job, in the real world, that requires work, effort and toil.  Running around on the democrat party's dime, giving speeches to throngs of teenage girls is certainly more appealing than going to school for Mechanical Engineering.  And living off of daddy's dime as you jump from one failed non-profit scheme to another is a life that was much easier, posh, and cushy than mine.  But understand that is "prospects."  Like toilet paper, once you serve their purpose, the democrat party or whatever larger entity using you will throw you away.  Finally, ego.  Most leftists cannot simply abide a ho-hum career as a dentist, a mechanic, or a chef.  They need their name to go down in history in conjunction with their lazy activist career.  Ergo, they engage in faux-heroics thinking they're solving some crisis or emergency.  The truth is, more often than not, they do not care about "saving the whales" or "helping poor Africans" as much as they do themselves.  The crisis or emergency is a tool by which they advance their own aims, their own popularity, and their own "faux activist" career.  In this regard, if we were to look into the heart of Jr. Hogg I'd bet he's stepping on the corpses of his fellow students for his own aggrandizement more than any genuine mourning or concern for them (though that is a demon for him to wrestle with).

Detestable as this is, this is the majority of political activists (regardless of your political stripe).  They look to capitalize on the pain and suffering of others, even creating problems where none exist, all so they can avoid real work in the real world, while having their egos masturbated to make them feel good.  But as per my "Universal Law of Equilibrium in Everything" there is a cost to this.  Karma is a bitch and there is a price to pay for living a lie as well as an egotistical life.  And the difference again is highlighted by Dr. Palmer.

Dr. Palmer once again has a skill and a profession to rely upon.  He has a life and a career which was never part of his 15 minutes fame.  Once the dust settled and spoiled, suburbanite soccer moms got bored protesting his office, his life went back to normal, perhaps he even got some more long term clients due to non-leftists wanting to reward him for what he went through.  He never sought his 15 minutes of fame, because his life was not about seeking fame, but being a professional who actually provided a service society demanding.

But what if you're not a 50 year old dentist, but an untalented, non-skilled high school kid?  And not just an unskilled high school student, but one who got bit by the bug of fame?  Instead of going to college, studying a discipline that will command a good salary in the real world, you instead go the route of Ms. Assaf and hop from lily pad to lily pad of productionless political crusades all in the search of that never-to-be-attained-again high that that one hit of fame gave you when you were 17?

This is the life Jr. Hogg (and the activist high schoolers like him) condemn themselves to.

Unfortunately, according to what bio I could find on the young gentleman, he's going to be taking off a year from school to work on the 2018 midterm elections.  His high school activities indicate no interest in serious disciplines or fields, but instead labor-avoidant "media and television." And like many millennial boys he is drastically lacking in social couth (cringe-warning), which though not related to politics or sermoning adults, is only going to complicate matters in his future.  You add this all up and it's painfully obvious that Jr. Hogg is going to waste his life in the democrat/leftist/political machine, never attaining a real career, a real profession, or real worth and value in life.  Like Ms. Assaf, his 15 minutes of fame is over and he will be working on this campaign or that, this go-nowhere political project or that, and maybe will get a taste of that sweet sweet sweet attention as he gives a speech to may 50 people at a DNC.  But it will never compare to his heights at 17 years of age, the addictive high of which damned him to being a life-long slave of the democrat party.

David, your 15 minutes of fame is over.  Please, just go be a boy, date some girls (hit the gym first), go to college, major in engineering, and enjoy life before it's over.  Because life is too short to be "The Cannabis Feminist."

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Paul Thompson said...

Well said, Aaron! My anger is addressed at the Socialists who exploit these gullible teens. It demonstrates that the Socialist message/ideology needs to be 'implanted' early, before a child's reasoning capacity is fully developed.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how kids like this get under your skin. That and English majors and English teachers.

Jennifer K.

Unknown said...

Yeah Hogg and his ilk nauseate me. And that cannabis feminist site was an immediate turnoff too. It’s like an ad for how to be unattractive. You’re spot on about this whole activist culture.

However I find it odd that you lionize “real jobs in the real world” because more often than not these are just bullshit 9-5’s. Even many “careers” are essentially pointless drudgery. For example your blog here (which is great) and it’s associated products/services are probably more meaningful than whatever your real world job is. But hey I’m speculating.

Anonymous said...

Marin County, not Marlin?

Joe BLow said...

He's got a book coming out... I wonder who wrote it for him and if he's going to be credited as the author. It'll be interesting to see how many sell, and if they are bulk bought by his sponsors to boost sales.

Tucanae Services said...

The Google Trends graph says it all.

Tucanae Services said...

Jennifer K.,

Clary is attempting to advance a social positive. As to English majors, what is the point? Of the 5 I had in HS, only 1 was worth a salt. That was only because she as part of her senior class taught proper research and summarization of text that like it or not I have used in 45yrs of work.


If someone is willing to pay hard cash plus 30% overload for bennies, that is not BS. Now the recipient may think it is BS and sometimes they are even right. If so the position will be automated away soon enough.

Here's the funny bit. People will be all agog to take that BS job in a nonprofit. Its for 'the good' ya know! That same BS job in a for profit? Oh hell that is drudgery. Go figure. The highest compliment man can achieve is to run a business that employees people, provides a service that the community needs at a fair price in good conscience. To do that takes far more guts and grit than the typical nonprofit will ever muster.

Maniac said...

Didn't little Camera Hogg just land a book deal? I think Cappy's prediction here is a little premature.

JTR said...

That photo of Hogg and his media antics trigger thoughts of Joseph Goebbles.

jay said...

Well done as usual, Cap'n...

Don't know how far you ventured into CannabisFeminist, but under "STORIES".....

OMG. 18 ladies, most if not all Millenials, share the love for their "medicine". Scan the "stories", but study those pix! Most are at least moderately attractive, to be sure.....but each and every one appears to offer a bonanza of mental issues. THIS is the dating pool for men in their 20s? Shudder. The two hots in the hot tub shotgunning a hit 2/3 of the way down the page brought me a twinge, but taken as a whole.....I would not want to be 25 again.

FiftycalTX said...

All that is true. AND I still remember the KNIFE IN THE BACK OF THE NRA BY Delta, Enterprize, Citibank and the others and I will NEVER let them have a PENNY of my money. GET WOKE GO BROKE!

Post Alley Crackpot said...

I predict that within the next five years, David Hogg will be doing gay porn.

What else is this little prick going to have left to sell but his ass?

ObjectiveReality said...

It is thoroughly sad to see young people with no marketable skills, no life experience, no real world common sense (but a great deal of potential ..and especially an ego that dwarfs their ability to think rationally - all to waste it on nothing, and then attempt to take the "moral high ground" while the only thing they produce is a bill, and noise.

Truly, wasted people, wasted lives, wasted attempts at nothing but "feeling good"

Ultimately, they cost the rest of us .. and that is angering.

The young lady you mentioned ..i saw her's all "intern, intern, intern, intern" and then just scorched earth failures.

Depressing. Imagine being her parents.....UGH!

Maureen said...

Remember Sandra Fluke? Where is she now?

Anonymous said...

Sandra Fluke?

Anonymous said...

More deluded was his call to boycott Vanguard...

It's an Index Fund FFS, Gun Shares are only invested because of Market Cap, it has no interest in Politics...

BigFire said...

re: Maureen Matthew

Sandra Fluke ran for California State Senate seat. She lost.

Blandtastic said...

David Hogg better watch out before he is arrested while whacking off in San Diego.

Like that Kony guy. 'Member?

Blandtastic said...

David Hogg better watch out before he winds up whacking it in San Diego.

Like that Kony guy. 'Member?