Friday, April 20, 2018

You Can Become a Digital Nomad Now

Pay isn't great.
Work is boring.
But you can work from the comforts of your own home.
Or, even better, double dip if you have a job that allows you to work on your laptop.

Be smart and consider contacting Alex!
We appreciate all of your support, thanks again to all who contributed to the recent expansion of our organization.

All of the marketers we've had the pleasure to work with have been terrific and we certainly could use more of your help.

While we accept assistance from people in all geographic regions, marketers from the following locations are in especially high demand.

1. United Kingdom

2. Australia

3. Boston

4. New York

5. Phoenix

6. Denver

7. Seattle

8. Minneapolis 

Again, if you live elsewhere, please feel free to contact us accordingly, as we could still use your help. However, if you reside in one of these regions, you should be able to start turning a profit almost immediately. 

Email us at for additional questions.

The short version is that we will pay you to post ads on social media sites and you'll receive bonuses for each person who will respond to your ads. Yes, we have a way of tracking that and we'll discuss the specifics as soon as we hear from you.

Thank you,

Academic Composition Management

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