Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hey Starbucks, How 'Bout You Just Serve Me My Fucking Coffee?

"But how about you just sell good products at fair prices?

Starbucks serves me my f@cking coffee and not ask me about race?
Target sells me my f@cking toilet paper and not lecture me about transgender bathrooms?
Hollywood makes me my f@cking entertaining movie without a political sermon?
Apple makes me my f@cking iPhone and not tell me about how green they are.
And colleges give me my f@cking degree without screeding about privilege?"

An excerpt from my latest piece at LinkedIn.

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Faithless Cynic said...

My first and last trip to Starbucks went like this: I was driving on 95 and got dead tired. I was too tired to drive safely and wanted to stop for coffee. The rest stop had only a Starbucks for coffee. I waited in line and asked for a large cup of coffee. The Barista looked at me as though I was the worlds biggest retard. " What kind of coffee? We have many types ( sneer ) " I replied that I wanted a large cup of whatever standard coffee they had. For four dollars, I got a cup of coffee that was worse than 3 day old Pakistani 7-11 coffee. I forced myself to drink half for safety purposes and tossed the rest.

Now, I have a nifty stainless steel thermos that goes with me on long trips. The local grocery store has a cheap, house brand coffee that tastes great. Inexpensive, tasty coffee WITH NO ATTITUDE.

FU Starbucks.