Friday, April 20, 2018

Why Blacks Should Take Advantage of SWPL Leftist White People

Keep gunning for Starbucks and taking advantage of stupid leftist people.  They deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Blacks should start moving to Portland, Oregon (the last remaining large city in the country which is predominately white) in droves. It's an SJW beehive which cries foul on the "racist south" and other tired leftist platitudes, and yet everything they like about Portland (nature, hiking, microbreweries, indie/hipster rock, safe streets and clean neighborhoods etc.) stems as a result from it's lack of blacks.

The far less hypocritical whites who just want to escape diversity are choosing Boise, Idaho instead. A conservative bastion.

Drogba said...


I also think we need to make a pact with Muslims, that they exclusively conduct their terrorism onto lefty Democrats (who don't seem to mind).

Everybody wins!

Muslims get to conduct terrorism.
We get to avoid terrorism.
Lefties get to receive terrorism (which they have very openly said they don't mind).

Everybody wins! What is not to like?

Purge187 said...

Drogba, Clarey himself made similar points in his video about how Western women don't deserve our protection. One of my favorite YouTube clips.

I think of the Muslimaniacs as the Jebusites, Hittites, and other "-ites" from the Old Testament - they were used by God to give Israel a good spanking when they needed one.

Take The Red Pill said...

To 'Anonymous' @ 1:59 PM:
I'm under the impression that downtown Portland, Oregon is now catching up with LA in the problems that those SJWs and other Leftist 'progressive' idiots bring into whatever areas that they infest -- hordes of mentally ill, aggressive 'homeless' beggars and panhandlers (with their drug problems) who urinate and defecate in the streets and doorways, thousands of used needles left on the streets and sidewalks by the afore-mentioned, high taxes and business costs caused by the 'social justice' demands of SJWs and Leftist 'progressive 'idiots, etc.. You can find these online on Youtube and in articles by Googling (like I did).