Sunday, January 20, 2019

Construction Worker vs. TEeeeeeaaaacchhheeerrrsss


And buy the damn book Worthless so you don't become a loser like your teachers.


Anonymous said...

That was great. My mothers friend once told us that she was once called into the teachers longue in the early 1960s and her teacher lambasted and ridiculed her that she would go no where in life. She always remembered it. She retired a few years ago as a head nurse making over 6 digits. LOL

Anonymous said...

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David said...

These days a lot of blue collar work is getting paid just as much, if not more than a lot of white collar workers are.

David said...

This "loser" construction worker is only paying the taxes to keep his former teachers employed.

TheSickManOfEurope said...

This reminds me of an incident in Chicago that I read about in Economics class (UT Dallas)during my University years (80's)...
Construction was going on a brand new skyscraper in mid-Chicago-winter!
The office workers (ALL women) in the skyscraper adjacent put up a sign on a window (so the construction workers could see it)....and it said "It is 70° in Here!"
The construction workers (ALL Men) then put up a sign as well and it said "It is $50 an hour out here!"
This made headline news.
I wonder what would be Twitter's reaction nowadays?

Anonymous said...

That and its all cash in hand so he ain't being taxed to keep those teachers in a job too.

Pretty sweet.