Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Government Shutdown Exposes Environmentalists for Who They Are

The national park goers and green people are turning out to be just as debauched as the rest of us.

I am about the most evil right wing libertarian you can find, but it pisses me off when I see litter in our national parks or even the local city park.  But trust you me, just like global warming advocates fly across the world in private jets, these Sierra Club types will shit, piss, and litter in the national parks just like everybody else.


Frenetic Zetetic said...

Spot on per usual, Captain. These people are a complete joke.

Jay said...

From a purely definitional standpoint, I wouldn't call you evil Cap.
Evil is the forced loss of an extant good.
I don't think you fit that bill.
Mean... on the other hand, Yup, you could say you're mean. (Nuthin' wrong with that though.)

heresolong said...

Hunters do far more to conserve nature and wildlife that so-called environmentalists, both through funding and volunteer activities.

Mark Matis said...

My bet is that this swill INTENTIONALLY befouled the parks to show how much they hate President Trump and demand open borders.

Kill every one of them on sight.

Un Americano said...

Crusaders projecting their faults onto others...again.