Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Socialists are Hypocrites

Mexico's president is a socialist.
Mexicans voted in socialism.
Then why are they not accepting the application of minors to Mexico from the caravan?

Oh. That's right.  You don't want to pay for socialism. You just want the free shit socialism offers, preferably at the expense of other countries.


cecilhenry said...

This is more true than any realize:


liberranter said...

My Venezuelan wife is going to relish the Schadenfreude she'll feel when the stupid Mexicans, having seen and been fully aware of what socialism has done to her country and yet still voted it for themselves, finally start reaping the bitter, poisonous fruits of it. She tells me that she truly hopes the U.S. border patrol "mows down in cold blood" any Mexicans who try to flee to the U.S. once life under "AMLOsmos" becomes intolerable (and yes, she fully admits that Venezuelans damned sure should have known better than to ever let Hugo Chavez have power, but the Mexicans now have NO excuse whatsoever for their stupidity).

Red Pill Wisdom said...

I've ALWAYS observed that those in favor of socialism (besides the "Useful Idiot" 'true believers' for whom socialism is their religion and government is their god) are largely those who expect that they'll 'be receiving something for nothing'.
These features are distinctly similar with those of a 'cargo cult' mentality.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Socialism does not =/= Global Marxist Utopia.

If mexicans vote for socialism in Mexo, the benefits of the socialism is for the mexicans.

Un Americano said...

Speaking of Socialist hypocrites...


Anonymous said...

And without capitalism, there can be no enduring socialism. Why isn't Veneuzuela (or the USSR, Cambodia, etc..) a case study being taught in American shools what happens when you believe in "free lunches?"

I have used this quote more than once to my younger siblings and cousins on occassion when we talk politics:

"You ain't entitled to shit." (Tony Saprano voice)

Take The Red Pill said...

Socialism is government-approved theft enforced with the threat of violence -- i.e., "robbing Peter to give to Paul".
The main problem with such a system is that it will ALWAYS have the support of Paul.
The other problem is that Peter will either run out of money or leave the country.

Tony Trucano said...

I was thinking how socialism is a kindness sham.
What better demonstrates kindness?
When people take of other or where the government needs to step in and ensure all needs are met?