Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Elkins Hour #6

Big Four Accounting Experience NOT NECESSARY for success.
Tall girls.  We are pro tall girls.
Baby boomers suck Part 783
Auditing Wesley Snipes.
Radio "Personalities"
Cappy's Molyneux voice impersonation.

In this episode of The Elkins Hour!

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heresolong said...

Gonna have to disagree with you on the "don't have kids you can't afford". By your argument, no one can afford kids. I think a better solution would be to understand that having children is going to change your priorities. You can afford that kid if you don't need a new truck or a ski boat. You can afford that kid if you don't have to have the iPhone XR or a 65 inch flat screen. To a certain extent you are right (single mothers, welfare, etc) but millions of people over the centuries had perfectly happy lives with lots of kids because their priorities were their kids, not stuff. I have a friend who makes decent money but they have six children and the mother home-schools all of them. They live in a decent house and have decent stuff, but the children are great and the family is happy.