Monday, January 14, 2019

The Red Pill Penetration Rate

It's Tough to Get a Prescription for Red Pills

The Manosphere or Red Pill community has existed in one form or another for about 15 years.  Be it pioneers such as Fred on Everything, Tom Leykis, or the founding triumvirate of Rollo, Roissy and Roosh, an alternative digital explanation to the nature of men and women has existed opposite to the officially sanctioned and government-endorsed narrative that has existed since the 60's.  However, just because it has existed, doesn't mean its existence has had an easy go.

Like anything that goes against the officially-approved narrative, the "red pill" has received an inordinate amount of flak, ridicule, vehemence, and villainization.  You are automatically a "sexist" if you believe in traditional sexual roles.  You are a bigot if you dare to be a man.  Being a man is now officially a mental illness.  And if you dare to insist your future wife not be a tatted up, student-loan-endebted, Marxist, unemployable whore who will stay at home and raise your kids in a nuclear family, you are woefully ignorant, even criminal and need to be banned from employment, school, government positions, and the rest of society.

To those of us who have taken the red pill, it is clear as day what is happening.  But for those still stuck in the metaphorical "matrix" they are confused, lost, and ultimately perplexed.  They are driven insane when their logic and genetics runs against what the establishment is telling them.  Some of them break, swallowing whole the narrative they've been fed and become the sexually amorphous soyboys nearly all millennial, feminist men have become.  Others hold onto the productive aspects of masculinity feminism has allowed them to, but follow the roles they were prescribed to be as a beta-provider, living up to the motto "happy wife, happy life."  But then there are the few men who know there's something wrong.  They cannot abide the contradiction between what they're experiencing vs. what they're being told.  And so they search for an alternative explanation, Googling questions such as

"why aren't women feminine anymore"
"why do women cheat"
"is there a wage gap"
"why should I get married"
"aren't tattoos on women ugly"

which lands them squarely in the Manosphere and Red Pill community.

What they see there initially shocks them. But it only shocks them because it runs 100% contradictory what they've been approved to think.

No, men and women are not equally interchangeable, they are different but equal in their own regards.
No, women do not work as hard or as long as men, they often choose easier, worthless degrees and bitch about the consequences till they die.
No, women are not as courageous as men because they would be asking you out in equal numbers.
Yes, women as a group on average have voted to replace men with government checks because they prefer security over love.
Feminists do hate men and the movement is not about the equal treatment of the sexes, but the preferential treatment of women over men.
Yes, there is indeed a war on men and masculinity.
And yes, women love their careers and degrees more than they do family, spouses, and individuals.

And here is the point in time where they can choose to take the red pill, living in an admittedly sad, but at least reality-based world


return to the Matrix, working their 55 hours a week, paying 45% of their income to the government, and supporting children that aren't their own, all while their women get uglier, more tatted up, fatter, lippier, and less feminine.

Of all the men who land on red pill pages, I estimate half lack the courage to take the red pill. They return to the hell hole matrix of Normie World they were familiar with and effectively waste the rest of their lives.  The other half take the red pill and stay.  But this group of men is still a small pittance of the total male population, and so the "red pill movement" remains a truly alternative and obscure one that will never gain traction in the real world

....or will it?


For while the red pill and manosphere may seem to be fringe communities holding extremist views, keep in mind these communities have only been around for at most 2 decades.  Feminism in its most viral and intense form has been around for 5, and still hasn't convinced every woman to join its hate-filled religion.  Furthermore, feminism has had the added benefit of both GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE support, advocating, even enforcing their ideology on all school children since the 70's.  The manosphere/red pill community has both government and corporate America fighting squarely against it, so it's a miracle we've had the modicum of success we've had.

But have you ever wondered if we're making a difference?  Have you ever wondered what percent of the male population is pulled from the Matrix?  It would be one thing if only 1 or 2% of the male population got hip to the jive of feminism, and the red pill community truly was fringe and obscure.  But some ball park estimates and some observations I think will paint a much rosier (and for once an) optimistic picture. And though things may seem dark now, you might find solace, dare I even say "hope" when we make an attempt to measure the "red pill penetration rate."

First, take the example of Terrence Popp vs. Bolde.  Bad Popp did a video response to an article written by one Riley Cooper.  The article was for a site called "" and was about why "So Many Smart and Attractive Women are Rolling Solo."  The article was of course how women didn't need men, fishbicycleempoweredamazingtrademark, and of course Terrence debunked it for the lies and falsehoods it was.  But the article was such utter tripe and propaganda, I asked the question, "Is it even worth Popp's time to address this?  I mean, whiny self-pitying articles written by dumbass 20 something girls are a dime a dozen.  Does this article even have the pull?"

So I looked up on Google Page rank and....

it's ranked even lower than my blog.

Captain Capitalism, my shitberg blog, has more pull and marketing power than this otherwise professionally done and financed website.  Terrence Popp has 83K followers on his YouTube channel (you should be one of them), and this Riley Cooper doesn't exist except in the shadow of a professional athlete by the same name.  Bad Popp, with his sole YouTube channel is reaching more men in a week than Bolde, its corporate backers, and fleet of no name authoresses do in a year.

Second, Rich Cooper

Rich is further evidence that the internet is the equalizer of all things.  He has over 160K in YouTube subscribers and reaches tens of thousands of men each week.  This is more than any one girl who writes for the Huffington Post, Bolde, XOJane, or any one of the score of establishment feminist rags.  A lot of that is of course due to a flood of pro-feminist/narrative sites which dilutes the readership/viewership than any one individual "journalist" at these rags gets.  But Rich didn't have to form a CNN-esque level media company to get his message out.  He didn't need financial backers to pay for his "amazing flat" in New York City.  And he didn't need a husband to subsidize his career at  His message is good, his message is true, and when men search for questions both heads are asking, they're going to end up on his page and not

I could go on with other examples of red pill internet phenoms and their pull.  Stefan Molyneux, Coach Red Pill, Roosh, and that not good Asshole over at Asshole Consulting.  But if you take the time to compare their statistics in terms of followers, subscribers, Twitter numbers, etc., AND compare them to the presumed numbers of "professional, narrative-endorsed journalists," the men in the red pill communities are SOMEBODIES, while you probably couldn't name one of the THOUSANDS of common, indistinguishable, NPC narrative-spouting THOTS who populate the blue pill world.

This lays down a hopeful foundation for the future of the red pill world. Go back 20 years ago and you didn't have the internet, let alone a voice for men in main stream media.  The media was staunchly socialist, staunchly feminist, and staunchly anti-nuclear family.  And while government/education/media/corporate monopoly still exists today, they no longer hold a monopoly over all media.  The internet and simple men with simple internet media channels provide a serious and real alternative to the perfectly and artificially sculpted Anderson Cooper on the nightly news.  There are real and established beach heads for future men to at least land on now, whereas before there was none.

Three, actual numbers.

The mathematical, statistical pull of various red pill and manosphere content producers is one thing.  But I wanted a bit of a harder number to go by.  Of course this is impossible, because how do you precisely measure what percent of the male population has taken the red pill?  Gut feelings, in all honesty, are probably just as valid as any methodology I could come up with. But come up with one I did. And replete with all it's flaws, I think it's at least in the ball park. 

First, I looked at the group of men who are most likely to be forced to take the red pill.  Men who were walking along, minding their business, when suddenly out of the sky


their wives served them divorce papers and goodbye.

I figured men who've been divorced MUST be red pilled because it was smashed right into their faces.  They didn't have a choice.  And so we got ourselves a BASE LINE of 21%.  21% of men have been divorced (and that does not include boys who are not yet of divorce "marrying" age). But even divorced men are hopelessly blue-pilled, and 12% of them go back and get married again, leaving 9% of men who never marry again, and an absolute baseline of 9% redpillers.

Second, confirmed bachelors.  I lost the original source for this statistics, but 20% of men 40-44 were never married and had no intention to (this is somewhat supported by 70% of men 20-34 being never married).  We could argue that at least some of that 20% is going to get married, and just because a man is a confirmed bachelor doesn't necessarily mean he's been red-pilled.  But just assume half of these men never marry and you add an effective 10% to the original 9% of 'ne'er to marry again' re-confirmed bachelors, and you're at 19% of the male population.

From here the numbers get a little bit more amorphous as the causes for men's various "red pill" behaviors may not in fact be red pill in origin.  Did "Bob" decide not to marry because he read Rollo or Roissy, and said, "fuck this shit!"  Or did Bob see his dad get put through the divorce wringer and said "fuck this shit!"?  Did Mike not propose to Susie because he binged on Terrence Popp videos?  Or did Mike major in stupid shit, is loaded with a ton of debt, and simply can't afford to propose?  One might argue this is "purple pill" territory, and I would agree.  But society gets to face effective redpill behavior and I would argue should at least be partially considered in the red pill penetration rate.  Additionally, I wanted to include these metrics because they highlight something important longitudinally.  A point in time where the internet took off, allowing the red pill message to be spread regardless of what the establishment media wanted.

A clear example of this is the percent of men living at home.

While living at home is more or less shameful and would not be considered "manly," it is effectively "red pill" because it really does deny women men and marriage.  Why do so many men live at home?  There are many reasons.

The economy sucked.
Student debt.
The cost of college.
The laziness of the millennial generation.
Spineless parents.

But somewhere in there, I theorize, is a percent of boys who saw their baby boomer dad just get ass-raped in divorce.  Saw his family obliterated in front of his young eyes.  I'll admit that the majority of the reason young adults live at home are sociological and economic, but there are at least SOME full grown men living at home because their traditional incentive that got them to leave home (family formation) has been utterly destroyed in their eyes.  Again, they may not consciously know that is a red pill reason.  But it is in nature, and I would argue at least another 3% of the 10% increase since 2000 should be added to the red pill penetration rate.

I would also note the longitudinal point I mentioned earlier.  Notice that there is a sharp spike in 2000 to today.  Effectively Gen X was the last generation of men to move out of the house, while the millennials decided to stay home in droves.  Once again, we could argue this is because of economic and sociological reasons, but I cannot help but wonder if the internet and young men's propensity to search for answers about girls on the internet helped some realize the futility and hopelessness of the situation.  With no incentive or possibility for a life-long marriage, not to mention the increased risks and warning signs of divorce being pronounced from red pill sites, at least some of that sharp rise should be due to young men taking some red pills (perhaps even black ones).  This reinforces by decision to add 3% of these men who live at home as doing so because they took the red pill.

The same point can be made from the dramatic rise in the never married (25 years and older) rate for men and women since 2000.

There is the same, dramatic increase in never marrieds since 2000, once again suggesting at least some men have opted not to marry due to what they found on the internet.  Of course, women as well have been fed a steady diet of anti-marriage and anti-family propaganda, putting their careers well ahead of families, but that has always been the case since the 1960's.  The increase in the rate from 2000 to 2012 (lord knows what it is now) indicates access to the internet has driven people out of the marriage market even more.  However, let's be very clear about one thing about the marriage market - it's a man's market.

To propose takes courage, bravery, and balls. None of which women have.  Despite screaming and screeching how equal they are in men's faces, when it comes to the simple act of asking a guy on a date, or just to a cup of coffee, women are hypocritically absent when things because challenging or difficult.  And so I would argue the dramatic decrease in marriage since 2000 has been not only internet-led, but male-led as well..because...well...let's just face it ladies.  You're not equal here.  Men aren't proposing as much as they used to.  I argue at least some of that 6% decrease in the marriage rate is red pill inspired.  Tack on another 2%.

When We Add It Up

When we add up the numbers I estimate the Red Pill Penetration Rate is 24%, with a hard core bottom number of 19%, and up to maybe 27% if you consider some of the purple-pillers "defacto red pillers."  And when you think about it, this is an amazing amount of progress for 15 years of conscious, deliberate work.
In the 1990's men were truly hopeless, wandering, and clueless.  We had NO IDEA why women were behaving the way they were.  We had no idea what they wanted. And even worse, we were lied to about all of the above.  But what made it even worse than that is we didn't have a way to tell we were being lied to.  Men spent decades of their youth thinking they were the ones with the problem.  They were the ones who were wrong.  We spent decades and untold trillions of calories of energy purging every possible flaw from ourselves in the analog days, only to find out through the internet that there was nothing wrong with us, and it was society that was at fault all along.  Now, not only do men never have to face that insanity and frustration ever again, they can immediately get an answer online if they're brave enough to doubt the main stream narrative.

But it gets even better.

If a virus achieves an infection rate of 24%, or even 19%, it's almost a guarantee the entire population will become infected with it, bar individuals who are somehow physically immune to it.  And it will spread especially fast if there's a vehicle by which the virus can travel.  In the medieval ages it was rats spreading Bubonic plague all across Europe, today it is the internet spreading truth and red pills all across the world.  If 24% of the male population can be converted to the red pill in 15 years, that's 1.6% each and every year.  That may not seem like a lot, but look how far we've come since Roosh penned his first posts.  10 years ago a mere 8% of the population was red pilled.  Give the manosphere as much time as we've given feminism, and by the time I'm dying, I estimate a full 80% of men will be red pilled and living in the real world once again.

But I'm even more optimistic than that.

For if I were to ask you what the most powerful force in the universe was, what would you say it was?


The answer is the male sex drive.  If it were not for men and their sexual appetites, this world would not exist, society wouldn't exist, civilization wouldn't exist.  The only reason you're reading this on a computer, powered by electricity, 2,000 miles away from where it was written was because men wanted to have sex and built these inventions to convince women to sleep with them. And if we built jet engines, mastered electricity, invented the super computers, cured diseases, and landed men on the moon all for sex, you damn right men today and forever more are going to search the internet on how to get women.  It's the number one thing that drives men to do everything they do, and it guarantees that they will forever be searching the internet for real world, effective advice on how to get them.

The mainstream media, "Bolde," the government, the K-12 education system, the media, Hollywood, Salon, your mothers, your sisters, and your female friends will all give you advice that will never get you women, never get you laid, and will get you divorced. They will give you lies.

The red pill and manosphere communities online will tell you the harsh truth.  And in doing so, it will actually help you get laid and live a happier better life.

Men's sex drives and nature will guarantee the future will be very red pill. And there will be nothing the feminists, socialists, and main stream can do to stop it.
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Senior Beta said...

Jesus Captain that was Rollo worthy. Hope you are right for my sons' sake.

Oswald Spengler said...

Twenty-five percent is the tipping point needed for sweeping changes to occur in society.

Anon2 said...

Your method is flawed. You have taken incel men and assumed many of them are red-pilled.

A lot of the men who live with their parents are incels, who would jump to become blue-pill betas if even a 5 showed interest in them.

They are not red-pill. They want to be betas but can't even rise to that.

As far as actually knowing the concepts and avoiding the pitfalls, perhaps 2-3% of men are red pill. There are fewer manosphere blogs now than in 2011-12.

Anonymous said...

Something even the left is starting to "wake up too", hence the increasing shrillness with each passing year, men with nothing to lose cannot be shamed or guilted back onto the plantation. Those men comprise all ethnic, social and racial lines, so they cannot chirp the leftist tropes (racist, bigot, nazi) and their narrative sounds more convoluted with each issued statement. Plus having a mysandric kanagroo court (which glaring violates his constitutional rights) who takes a womans word as enough evidence to seize his assets, garnish his wages, take his kids and destroy him financially, emotionally and pyschology are producing a dangerous segment of society. And growing). Men pressed into servitude for a society that hates and fears them isn't a society which will endure for long.

Regarding the constanct corporate and government demonization of men. Ignore their words and observe their actions for a moment. Their actions are not of confindent organizations, but of fearful ones. Patriachy is coming back (via economic collapse, social unrest/revolution, war, etc..) in due time and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

Mr M. said...

A much more optimistic post than the "all women are communist" and are going to vote the U.S. into the CCCP.

Alt London said...

I think there's something contributing to your numbers that you don't touch on.

In the 20th century, a significant proportion of gay men still got married and, sometimes, had kids. the social pressure to do this no longer exists, and they are free - encouraged even - to live a life of flagrant, unhappy debauchery, followed by an early death.

I'm not suggesting that this category contributes massively to your numbers, but I'd imagine 1 or 2 percentage points.

Cadders said...

Excellent piece.

Another metric - although hard to quantify; red pill comments on feminist articles. Ten years ago they were few and often mocked - now it is not unusual for them to overwhelm the comments section.

I have read that it only takes 10% of a population to have an unshakeable belief before it becomes inevitably adopted by the whole population. I think this dynamic is in progress right now.

Anonymous said...

The birth control pill was approved in 1960. I would think there would be a bit of lag time between that and the decrease in family formation but I guess not. Then the second whammy when the US got off of the Bretton Woods standard which marked the end of the American economy's golden age which shows up in your second chart.

Mike said...

A buddy and I redpilled a new Gen Z acquaintance this weekend. The revolution continues!

Anonymous said...

Had my car smog checked some time back. Was been listening to a Cappy podcast via USB drive on car radio. Arrived at the facility and gave car to technician and waited in lobby for twenty minutes until check was completed. I did not turn off the radio so the tech was listening to the podcast. Upon completion of the the check he asked me about the source of the podcast, as it represented his ideas but he had not heard them expressed until then. I gave him your website URL. He was thankful for this, and the tech was probably in his late twenties.


ALAKAZAM Recognize those partial lyrics from Nat King Cole "Orange Colored Sky"

minuteman said...

Feminists figured they could change society, but that men would not respond to that change. Big mistake.

Unknown said...

Living at home and declining marriage are distinct phenomena.

Millennials lived at home because they were broke, not because they were red-pill! The dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and the financial crisis hit in 2007, followed by a jobless recovery. Millennials couldn't get full-time jobs with benefits, so they worked multiple part-time jobs, struggling to pay for college.

After the sexual revolution of the 1960's and women's (economic) liberation of the 1970's, there was less need for marriage contracts. With contraception, abortion, job opportunities, women don't need to lock in a partner for sex or economic provisioning.

NB said...

I red pill in almost every conversation. I cite stats, articles, share authors. It is a critical task, and essential to continued civilization. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Make a goal today to have a red pill convo.

bobsutan said...

"...or the founding triumvirate of Rollo, Roissy and Roosh..."

No love for the BobSutan? I've been around for almost 12 years now, often working behind the scenes on various PUA/red pill forums and subreddits. I was there at ground zero on Sosuave (under a different username) where Rollo got his start, and at one point I considered partnering with him on his blog.

You ever hear of term "branch swinging"? That was just one of my contribution to the Red Pill community. Just look up my top rated threads I've created at The Red Pill subreddit.

Once I have my FU money I'll be willing to be more public, but until then I would appreciate *some* acknowledgement for what I've given to the manosphere.