Monday, January 21, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Or the other father of her other kids.
Or her own father.

Matter of fact, out of the three fathers involved, none of them could be reached for comment.

But that's alright, she has a tattoo that says she's saved through Christ.  So it's all good.

The lord has a plan.
The lord will provide.


David said...

Maybe if her dad was available for comment, she wouldn't have had 4 kids at age 22.

Joe Blow IV said...


Don't blame the father. Fathers have been rendered toothless by the system, the culture and wives and daughters themselves. If the father was a 'real father' he'd have run into trouble with the system. It's not the parents, it's the society.

Glen Filthie said...


Un Americano said...

We all know how this will end.

Mosesr said...

Or at least been married (although at such a young age, if she did it right she'd only have one kid maybe another on the way....)

Red Pill Wisdom said...

She'd be a Darwin Award winner if she hadn't reproduced.

Nowadays, the wisest Western men are those who refuse to be 'live-ins', husbands, or fathers;
there's not any benefit whatsoever in being one.
Let it burn.

TwoDogs said...

Just another mudshark, ending up the way mudsharks always seem to. Too bad, though, she was actually attractive at one time.

Mike said...

The Lord will provide.
But it's a lot easier for him to do it if you take his advice.