Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Sarah Silverman Had a Show???

I guess so, because it's been canceled.

But don't worry.  These "comediennes" are like herpes.  They'll always come back.


David said...

Death and dismemberment is still funnier than Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer put together.

Anonymous said...

If their aim was to "attempt to unite a divided nation", Ms. Silverman is probably the WORST possible choice for that! Even if she showed up at my house handing out free autographs I would still slam the door in her face!

Maniac said...

It's been my experience that most female comedians are about as funny as a hysterectomy.

Un Americano said...

"The variety-talk series was a combination of Silverman’s monologues, interviews with celebrities and field segments, many of which aimed to unite a politically divided nation."

Glow-in-the-dark bullshit.