Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The Baby Boomers Cried Me a River

And I didn't care.

At any time you boomers (and others) can read up on how to retire early and successfully.


Anonymous said...

The trick here is to be able to structure your affairs so that

a) YOU don't land up in the same position, but at the same time
b) Being able to prevent an increasingly rapacious government taxing your savings and income into oblivion to keep the baby boomers in healthcare, golf clubs, and adult diapers.

I'd like to hear your views on exactly how to do this Aaron, I'm sure you've thought this through.

Anonymous said...

Work until you die alone and your cats eat you, Boomer scum. You fucked this nation and now it's your turn to get fucked.

Not one tear will be shed by GenX or Millennials.

Amethyst Dominica said...

So is it a choice between:

Living as a Minimalist and work into your seventies


Work like a dog, retire at 58 and keel over of a heart attack the day after, never having enjoyed any of the fruits of your labor.

Feh. I can't really see the purpose behind retirement now. Maybe it made sense when people dug ditches for a living and fucked up their bodies at age 55. But the soft jobs we have today could be easily done by people well into their seventies. And if you have any kind of health problem and want to stay in a decent rest home, you can kiss all of your savings goodbye within the first year unless you had some kind of elaborate nursing home insurance. Why save just to hand it all over to an assisted living facility that charges as much as a cruise ship? You'll just wind up in the Medicare nursing home after the money's gone anyway...