Friday, March 29, 2019

Clarey Podcast #286 - The "Tell Your Mother in Law to Fuck Off" Episode

Cappy and a Drunk DT discuss:

"Micro-stressors" for Millennials
Cappy's new book.
Cappy's first "Key Fob" car key
Check engine lights lie
Guilt-ridden SuperChats
Telling Mother in Laws to Fuck Off.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Anonymous said...

More often than not, family is like cancer you have an irrational emotional attachment to and refuse to get removed. Cut ties completely at the first sign of drama and don't look back unless they behave continually for a few years.

Anonymous said...

sassed1 2many said...

This episode was too funny. I literally canceled a meeting because it was so entertaining. Blood money!

vok3 said...

"When someone says something you don't understand, don't tell him he's crazy. Ask him what he means."
- _Space Viking_, H. Beam Piper (available on Gutenberg!)

It's a little bit funny and a little bit sad the sheer repetition with which I see this criticism voiced by the older generations. "I don't know anything about the reasons people might have for disapproving of Jewish behavior, which is why I'm sure I know enough to declare they're crazy!" Or alternatively "Jews have done all these wonderful things and you must not know that and you're crazy!" Or even Cappy's line: "I don't know many Jews which is why I do know that if you don't like them you're crazy!"

As it happens, most of the antisemites I've talked with started off from the default philosemite views: Jews are smart, hard-working, good with money and long-term planning, stick together, contributed lots to science, etc. And in fact even after they become antisemites they'll still willingly admit all those points. They STARTED there. The change in their opinions came as a result of ... something else.

What could that something else be? Additional information? Nah. Probably negative space magic.

And, with absolute certainty, constantly repeating the starting point - the point which the antisemites were persuaded AWAY from - is clearly a very good and very smart way to convince them that whatever it was that caused them to be persuaded in the first place, they must have just imagined it.

And, of course, the biggest political phenomenon in decades - the radical and total polarization of GenZ into the absolute hard left and absolute hard right - that can totally be made to disappear by yelling at it to get off your lawn.

This is LOGIC, boys and girls!

Jethan said...

That was hilarious, especially the ending with the blood money jokes. xD

Now I gotta wonder what would happen if more and more men stayed home and were the primary caretakers of their kids while women spend all their time working, would there be a redpill homeschooling dad revolution?

The tales of telling off controlling parents was my favorite part. No need to slay dragons, just tell the bad parents NO. :D

A Texan said...

The fact of the matter is that Jews are only about 2% of the US population but way over represented in government and the media and other institutions. They do stick together though and have booted out of over a 100 countries over the centuries, but let us not talk about that. Quiet a few members of the US Congress have dual citizenship with another well known Middle East state and vote accordingly. I'm certainly sick of my stolen tax money going to Israel and other countries.