Friday, March 08, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Calls to Break Up Big Tech

I am actually shocked because this is the first real thing the democrat party has offered that isn't simply taking other people's money or making producers' lives harder.

It also reminds me of how the democrats were wise to court the gay community, something at least libertarian republicans could have done had they not been beholden to the religious right.  Even with Trump the republicans just can't seem to grow a pair and get simple shit done.  Guess the democrats will win another one.


Anonymous said...

"Break up" = regulate = official indirect government control = actual communism.

Make no mistake, the dems are not trying to do any good here.

dma said...

Hey Aaron:

Long time , no see
This will be the core issue in 2020:

Redistribution of Wealth (a/k/a Socialism)

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

This is just Warren letting these companies know that they need to start greasing her palms.

vok3 said...

Declaring Amazon and Google to be public utilities - and thus only allowed to ban things specifically forbidden under federal law and NOTHING ELSE - would be something I'd totally be on board with.

But as for courting Teh Gay, no. No opportunity was lost. The cost will always be too high:
The Democrats are only surviving it so far because the corrosiveness still has a bigger target.