Saturday, March 30, 2019

Let Women Have Corporate America, They've Earned It

In the meantime, I suggest you boys focus your attention of entrepreneurship and enjoying life.


JD said...

You're completely correct about the excellent job the Left has done.

They go all out. Nobody sitting on the bench on their side. They identified the institutions they needed to conquer and just went and did it. Even the opposition is essentially, if not literally, controlled opposition.

It took a Donald Trump to even break through the lines, and he's been fighting like he's at the Alamo ever since.

Progressivism has one fatal flaw; it can never retreat. The Dialectic can handle a side shift to some other front but if anything stalls it out it loses its image of 'inevitability'. It can only cajole or threaten for so long and it loses its grip on a lot of the people it's trying to drag along.

The Soviet Union had iron control of the education and indoctrination of three generations of Russian kids. It's gone now. The Left in the West has tried to weaken and divide at least two generations of children into being androgynous and controllable. Compare their increasingly absurd behaviour to guys like you who figured it out. You're right; the divide is already a chasm that grows a mile wider every day.

The Bible says Mystery Babylon falls in an hour, and nobody sees it coming. That sort of thing.

Unknown said...

The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time. And to do that you need to be around good people. Corporate life doesn't qualify.

Anonymous said...

The big companies just contract out the important work that can't get done in-house. The small companies that take those contracts can't afford to jack around with useless token hires. Good programmers will always have plenty of high-paying work, just not technically at the megacorp.

Anonymous said...

Phuket is overrun with western tourists, which drives the prices way up, and ruins the vibe. It's the corporate culture running the economy there. The better places in Thailand are a little off the beaten path. Even Koh Samui is way better, as long as you stay away from Chaweng beach. Get away from the tourists, and things get way better.

SM777 said...

"...a war, a crippling recession, loss of reserve currency status..." Now that is a very subtle prediction of the future. It's coming soon.

Anonymous said...


What do you make of this? Female MGTOW....FGTOW?

Or just more of the same self-absorbed un-marriageable b.s.?

BriarRabbit said...

I'll translate for you: A post-wall western woman got borrrrrred of her regular guy husband, probably because he spent sixty hours a week paying for her and the kids, so she got plump and lost interest in sex so he got a side chick and got caught.

She then bought into the divorce hype pressed on all western women and left him, taking custody of the kids, the house, the car AMD most of the bank account as well as half his pension.

Now she is "dating again" or getting banged out by some dude who isnt likely to marry her or, if he is, is a lower quality man than the husband she divorced or dating again means she's fuk buddies with a couple or three dudes.

Knowing she is way post wall and soon to be empty nesting with cats, she is turning her misery into celebration by attention whoring.

That wine she is holding is her new best friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wrote to you a few years ago talking about how I lived in Brazil, doing exactly what your friend in Thailand is doing. Enjoying life and raking in the bucks. You had some not very nice things to say about me, and Brazil. I had read all your books, and liked *some* of them, but when I came to you with a valid point you just blew up at me. And now you're recommending that other people are doing what I did. You are truly unbelievable.

Bill Ferrell (BriarRabbit) said...

Yet you're still stealing his blog, butthurt from something that he said in a comment YEARS ago?

Friend, you are a gamma male. Research it. It can be remedied, but first you have to comprehend it and accept it.