Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Socialist Lies Cause Pretty Deaths

As I get older and more misanthropic, I cannot care that most people who choose to put the government and socialism at the core of their value system end up killing themselves or drinking themselves to death.

Remember, your career and education are more important than anything else.  Except your politics, which is the only reason you have value and should live.  Put ALL of your value in your politics you were trained to have in school and make sure you have no other reasons to live beyond socialist politics.


A Texan said...

Let us see. Bush I and Clinton stripped middle America of it's industry with NAFTA.

The left with the help of the right enthusiastically imports more 'duh-versity' that no sane especially white person would want to live next to.

Even if you have a job, it is either a grind or you supervised by poop heads or both and the depression gets to you.

Here in Texas, the whiny teachers want a pay raise yet I wonder how many of them vote Democrat all of the time, you know, the party that wants to make energy needlessly expensive while they live in multi room mansions.

For those of us who understand economics, we are at the mercy via voting with those who have no clue. When can we repeal women's suffrage and re-institute a poll tax?

Alt London said...

Cappy, I do hate to be one of the awkward squad, but I can't let this one slide...

Right at the start of Curse of the High IQ, you say:

Our problems were not unique, but shared and common among people with high IQs (depression, alcoholism, ennui, indifference, loneliness, boredom etc).

Could the truth be that the issues you express, faced by those with a high IQ (me included) are becoming more prevalent as society (education, media, politics etc) is becoming more dumbed down and counter to observable reality, and thus cognitive dissonance is on the rise, pushing the problems further down the stack of society from the outliers to the normies and conformies?

SM777 said...

One explanation for this was given by Jared Taylor. He's on youtube. Just saying......

liberranter said...

Given 1) the inability of most people to connect cause and effect, and 2) the very un-PC explanations for this trend, we can count on it being ignored and the statistics to continue to grow much larger.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving society.