Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Deep Down Inside, Women Just Want to Get Married and Have Kids...Too Bad, So Sad

"Deep Down Inside"

I was tuning into the "Masculine Geek Podcast."  Specifically, episode 7 where TJ Martinell regaled the story of a therapist who confessed unto to TJ,

"Every young girl who comes in and talks to me...EVERY ONE OF THEM...tells me deep down inside all they want is to get married and have kids."

This was couched in just one of the unlimited conversations men have had about women since the dawn of time.

"Women say X, when they really want Y."
"Women do A, when they actually do B."
"And women will claim F, when in reality it's really Q that they believe."

And as is with all these types of conversations, men are left with the reality that women simply are not going to be direct, forthright, or honest with their intentions, and its up to us to interpret what they really want.  This results in a cute little "dance of the sexes" where the boys chase the girls, awkwardly trying to "figure them out," but inevitably achieving victory as the boys finally get the girls (....and in all likelihood the girls divorce the boys with life-long alimony and no visitation rights to the children).

Cute as this is, gamefully-playful as it might be, and even hard-wired into the female sex's genetic and biological hardwiring as it is, this coy, indirect, and confusing characteristic of women gets tiring an exhausting after a while.  Men get older, their testosterone goes down, their opportunity costs for playing this game goes up as they make more money, plus it's just plain beaten out of us.  Life is short, it inevitably ends, and men's patience for games drops below their desire to have sex.  We move onto focus on our careers, make money, make a life for ourselves, and focus on systems that are logical, meritorious, and provide a return on investment for our time.  But whereas men inevitably quit this mating dance and move-on to focus on the real world, women prefer to continue the game.  And not only do they prefer to continue the game, but institutions and authoritative entities within society encourage them to do so.  And there are drastic costs for being intellectually-dishonest with yourself.

For example the wage gap.

Women deep down inside know that they make less money than men because they major in worthless subjects, don't put in as many hours, and inevitably drop out of the work force to have kids.  If women really wanted success in the working world, they would acknowledge what they already know, go into STEM, go into a CPA program, learn to code, and close the gap.  But for whatever reason (be it genetic, biological, or socio-political propaganda), they prefer to "play the game" and act ignorantly coy about basic labor market economics.

Another example would be being fat.

EVERY, SINGLE, WOMAN deep down inside knows men don't like fat chicks.  But the mental acrobatics they and society will go through to lie to themselves, and convince themselves otherwise is amazing.  "Fat acceptance," "big is beautiful," shaming men for NOT liking fat chicks.  They actually think social propaganda will override men's hardwired biology.  The result is not only no man asking them out on dates, but health risks due to obesity, not to mention mental-illness where you start to mutilate your body with piercings, tattoos and ear plugs as a protesting, "anti-beauty" form of beauty.

There are many more examples of where living in denial results in real world costs and consequences, but the point is the majority of women would prefer to continue the dance, no matter what the costs are to their real-world lives.  And, worse, the majority of society and society's institutions will indulge them.  But where believing "big is beautiful" or majoring in sociology will lead to a successful career has a price, the biggest price women pay in their lives is the one TJ Martinell mentioned before - forfeiting a husband and children.  Because while "deep down inside" having a husband and children is indeed the most important, hard-wired, undeniable thing in women's lives, there's an amazing amount of lies, propaganda, and even outright bullying that...

"You're a strong independent woman, who don't need no man."

And women's desire to continue the dance, lie to themselves, and believe in the propaganda costs them this most important thing in life.

Too Weak to Go Against the Herd

At the core of women forfeiting the most important thing is their lives is another genetic hard-wiring - conformity.  The short version is while men were out hunting mammoth women had to get along with the other women at the tribe which resulted in a social-hierarchy where getting along with everybody else was key to survival.  This also had the unfortunate side-consequence of backstabbery, gossip, and even more passive-aggressive backstabbery as women's only form of defense was subterfuge and politicking instead of physical confrontation. 
Whatever the genetic pathology of this trait, the desire to CONFORM with what other women say and think, no matter how wrong, is just as hard-wired into women's psyche as their desire to have a husband and children.  Because if they didn't get along with the of the women in the tribe, this spelt ostracization and excommunication from the tribe, which resulted in death for the woman and any of her children. 

This then leads to...

Feminist Shaming and Bullying

It's one thing if Tina is conforming with the cold-shoulder fashion this year, and Amy was conforming with the maxi-dress last year, and you decide to do both.  But that's fashion.  Not the most important thing in your life, which is (again "deep down inside") "to get married and have kids."

But what if a group of women decided to expand conforming with the herd to include things that went beyond what you were wearing, what you were eating, whether you agreed that Leslie was queen bee, or that you were all going to watch Empire that year?  What if it went into other aspects of your life that actually were VERY important?

Introducing feminism.

We can debate whether feminism is simply the "equal treatment of women," or a man-hating psycho-cult of socialist parasites later.  But what it no doubt is, is a cabal of self-declared queen bee women dictating to other, younger women what it means to be a woman and belong to the herd.  It's unique in that, whereas in the past, women needed men to survive, today they no longer have to consider what men want because there is the government.  The government (through taxing disproportionately men) can transfer wealth to women, support them and their children, with no requirements, standards or expectations of a husband or father, because there is none - there is only "Government Check.".  On the face of this, this "freedom" may seem liberating, but it kicks out the most important thing in women's lives - a husband and children.

But this is where the propaganda, lies, and bullying come in.

Feminism (with the help of socialist political parties, government, public schools, media and colleges) have totally, thoroughly, and brilliantly brainwashed women into ignoring what they want most in life, and replaced it with politics, careers, student debts, materialism, masters degrees, commutes and taxes.  This is fine as no good person is going to begrudge women their political preferences, the pursuit of an education or career, nor their right to spend their money how they please.  But when they put it above (once again, "deep down inside") the love and affection of a husband and children, they're lying to themselves and only hurting themselves.  However, DARE a woman express her true desire to get married and have kids, the "hive" of queen bee feminists will come crashing down on them, shaming women for being "stay at home moms" or "relying on a man."

This then pits poor, young women's genetic conditions against one another.  They (once again) "deep down inside" want to have a husband and children, but if they betray the hive, and upset the feminist hierarchy, they will be ostracized, they won't belong, and they will be kicked out of the club.  Today, with the brainwashing starting at the age of 5 and with trillions of government and corporate dollars spent annually on advocating "Team Feminism" it's very apparent which side they succumb to. Most young women today "don't need no man," and are all aggressively pursuing careers and educations.  Thus the official veneer of "I don't need a man, I'm my own woman," while late at night, after getting drunk at the night club, they cry themselves to sleep because they "can't find a man."

Feminism 1, Love 0.

Cartelish Behavior Has Benefits

Once women are brainwashed to go down this path, there are, however, some fringe benefits, primarily originating from the nature of "economies to scale" and effectively "cartelish behavior."

The classical economic incentive of forming a "cartel" is to limit supply to increase price.  Women as a group are (effectively) less interested in family formation than they are their careers and education.  Laden with debt, they aren't ready to get married until they're well into their late 20's, even early 30's.  Nor do they have any interest in getting married until they get their career going, even attaining their masters degrees.  This has resulted in later and less marriages, a low birth rate, and an increase in women in the work force as well as their salaries.  It also makes marriagable women HIGHLY valuable in that they're so rare.  It also makes what women remain who are at least tacitly interested in marriage valuable as well.

You would think you'd find some empirical economic pricing data that would show an increased price in wedding rings, engagement rings, or average money spent on weddings confirming the "higher price" paid to women.  But at the same time interest in marriage on the part of men has dropped dramatically as well (which is a discussion for another time).  But the price increase in women has moved from the marriage market to the non-marriage market - specifically in the form of "sugar daddy sites," porn, and non-porn internet attention.

Men may not want to get married, but they will spend up to $200 just for ONE DATE through sites like "Name Your Price."  Your average "sugar baby" who is on the payroll of a man can earn $3,000 a month for regularly providing company and sex.  Webcam models can make on average $50,000 from the comforts of their own bed.  And you don't even have to do porn or prostitution - you can just sell selfies for $5,000 a month.

This is all great news for women who *officially* value their careers and educations above husbands and children.  Just because they dried up the supply of women on the marriage market, doesn't mean men demand sex any less.  An additional added benefit is you don't even need to physically be there, physically touching a man in order to make money off of your beauty.  You can continue to cash in on your looks with really none of the traditional obligations that would come with being with a man.

But *unofficially* where (COUGH, once again, "deep down inside") women just want to get married and have kids, such a lifestyle - easy and profitable as it may be - does not scratch that hard-wired biological itch.

Intellectual Weaklings

Genetic predisposition to conformity and compliance within the female hive aside, given the cacophony of constant "women are equal to men" propaganda we've heard since the 60's, I feel it necessary to hold women to men's standards.  I truly do not want to be sexist.  And if women are truly equal to men, then they should be ashamed of being too intellectually weak to acknowledge what they want "deep down inside," and consequently too cowardly to stand up to feminism and feminists and say

"No, I want a husband and children.  I don't want to work or commute or wake up at 6AM or look at a screen.  I don't want an MBA or a Masters in Sociology.  I don't want to pay taxes and end up a spinster.  I want a strong man who will rock my world in bed, 4 children to raise, love and cherish, who will also give me grandchildren that I can spoil rotten when I'm old.  I want a family, I want love, I want what I want."

However, it's very obvious which side they have chosen, whether coerced through shaming, bullying, ostracization or not.  Women are increasingly choosing a relationship with government, politics, feminism, careers, commutes, and themselves over a relationship with a husband and children.  And they do so not because "deep down inside" they want to, but because they lack the intellectual strength and independence to simply tell the propagandists "no" and actually enjoy what pathetically short lives they have on this planet on what they truly want. 

Actions vs. Words vs. Effective Reality

This sadly results in what I like to call the "My Bipolar Girlfriend Axiom," which simply states;

"It doesn't matter if your girlfriend actually has Bipolar Disorder or claims to have it as a weapon to excuse unacceptable behavior. In either case she's psycho and you should dump her ass."

And this axiom applies to modern day women as well.

"It doesn't matter if deep down inside she wants to have a husband and children.  Her actions creates the reality that she effectively doesn't."

Alas, why I find the statement and truism

"Deep down inside women just want to get married and have children"

and cute.

But ultimately for everybody it's moot. That's nice you girls want that.  That's great.  And it's 100% natural.  But the problem is merely stating this reality (mis)leads men into thinking there's hope that women effectively want to get married, when in reality it's simply not possible.  Women's actions is all that matters, no matter what they truly believe in their hearts.  Men cannot commit to a serious relationship such as marriage based on theory or what women want "deep down inside."

So boys, yes, it is true.  Women truly do want marriage and children more than anything else in the world.  But their actions prove they effectively value their politics, careers, educations and feminism more.  This makes marriage today not only unacceptable, but impossible, tragically despite what women truly want.  Alas, too bad, so sad, but that's reality.  And at least men live in reality.
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Robert What? said...

I'm an older dude, but I truly feel sorry for the average young man today who has almost no chance of finding a marriable young woman. Feminism today considers things like loyalty (to a man), a pleasant demeanor, skills in the domestic arts, etc, to be signs of subservience and thus to be avoided. And of course by the time the women start realizing that their opportunities are disappearing they start preying on the thirsty young men who are woefully unprepared to deal with the deceit that will be comimg their way.

SM777 said...

I wonder how that reality will manifest when the "Government Check" runs out. I mean what is the debt now? 22+ Trillion and going up? Sooner or later, that "Government Check" will stop. What happens to their reality then?

Anonymous said...

"Today, with the brainwashing starting at the age of 5"

Would that be 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days? Or a slightly longer time scale for the "little Princesses"?

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Desire is truly shown in action. Cowardice inherently implies lack of sufficient desire. Women don't truly desire a family more than anything else; they desire ease and comfort, specifically not having to face any immediate difficulty in any fashion. It's the same as working out. Fat people don't want to be thin. They want food and ease, otherwise they would diet and exercise.

SebastianX1/9 said...

Try this after a one-night stand:
"Why did you in-debt yourself with non-dischargeable loans in order to work 50 hours to then live the life of a call-girl on the side? Your great grandmother made a very good living as a prostitute in Cork/Aberdeen/Liverpool, and she didn't bloody well need to borrow to do it!"

Patrick said...

Emotion trumps over Logic in the real world unfortunately. Men, you're better off just seeing a prostitute if you want to get laid. That may just be the path our society is heading down. Enjoy the Decline.

Alt London said...

An absolute tour de force Cappy...

And now i've read it you can go ahead and put it behind your paywall on Patreon :-)

Anonymous said...

Cappy, once again you have hit it out of the park. The question is where does it go from here? Since this is all female led and driven, I think women will have to fix it. I don't think that will happen until they have made such a mess of the sexual marketplace that it looks to be beyond repair. The guys will only get to watch from the sidelines.

MikeyParks said...

One can go against a million years of hard wiring, yes. But the price is mental illness in one form or another. Anyone else wonder why women as a group suffer more crippling neuroses now than three generations ago? And men are flouting their hard wiring too, by becoming more and more feminized. Who knows where all of this denial of nature is taking us, but I think I can guarantee it won't be a good destination.

Anonymous said...

As a homemaking-homeschooling mom of three I always love these posts. They are very encouraging to me a world where there is little encouragement. I get all kinds of compliments on my childrens’ intelligence, confidence, and kindness, but none on the lifestyle choices I’ve made that enabled them to thrive. People are amazed at the lifestyle we live in one income. They are not so impressed to hear that I worked to put my husband through his masters degree instead of going to college myself so that neither of us has any debt.

Anonymous said...

Excellent and very insightful, right up until the last two paragraphs. That is here you lose me, as I cling to a hope that all is not lost between men and women, and that some greater corrective force will soon set things right.

Anonymous said...

It's extra sad because all of the power of women, the only thing that makes her choice to be a thot or a wife meaningful, is something she has no control over. Her youth, the inheritance she got by birthright that fades every day. A man who started in a real bad spot can work his way out of the hole - for him wisdom and experience and patient building can matter. For a woman no matter how wise she is or how experienced or how patient, if she's already 35+ it's over. She could suddenly be striken with the wisdom of Plato, Marcus Aurelius and Solomon combined but if it happened when she was a 45 year old she'll never have that family. Truth did not save her - her dreams at least.

Joe BLow said...

I've worked in a "business" where the percentage of women is 12%. That "business" employs about a hundred different trades, from pilots to engineers to tank drivers, infanteers. But also nurses, dental techs, admin people. All necessary. So what do the recruiters do? Produce glossy posters, with exactly 3 people in there, one always being a woman, one a visible minority and some inconsequential white dude. The woman is always portrayed as a pilot, soldier, tank driver, whatever. Now women, on their own, in this "business" or on civvy street will, 90% of the time, pick a career in education, dental tech, nurse, admin work etc. And this is why our "business" is still stuck at 12% women, after decades of trying to recruit women. The recruiters double down on political correctness: "Hey I know! Let's get a cute 90 pound Asian chick and put her in an infanteer uniform whit a rucksack that weighs more than her, and a rifle. Every modern woman's dream is to haul a rucksack in the Hindu Kush and hunt Talibans and maybe get her legs blown off by an IED!" And that's all the average woman sees of our "company". No wonder they stay away. But producing a recruiting poster offering them the same job they would pick on their own on civvy street would be supremely sexist, so we won't do that.

C_Miner said...

Taking a step back, where does it all end? Western civilizations have sown the seeds of their own destruction by refusing to defend the building block of the nuclear family. "if it feels good, do it" has morphed to "if you think it will feel good, do it" and is part and parcel of your thesis today. Misery abounds, but everyone can self-medicate so it's all fuzzy and grey.

Can you think of ways for society to recover (or better yet, rebound), or will you stay happy with enjoying the decline through to the coming dark age? Will girl-watching be as enjoyable when the burka is mandatory and dancing between man and woman is outlawed?

Frank Hilliard said... has the answer. Simply offer ordinary women $1,500 to $2,000. Problem solved.

Bill said...

Emotional thinking leaves you emotionally drained. Logical thinking leaves you sane.

Anonymous said...

My mother thinks I should wife up a career driven chick that is smart, good looking, etc. Mother's reasoning is that after careerist wifey gets pregnant she'll just realize how great it is to be a mom and want to stay at home a be the perfect little stay at home mom. Quite the roll of the dice...ah craps you lose. Fuck that!

Anonymous said...

True enough. woman say they don't want to be "objects" and in the same breath spend half their day putting on makeup and doing their hair.. Feminism has lied to them.. Guys -with rare exceptions like fat and entitled woman who think they are the center of the world..

Red Pill Wisdom said...

"Deep down inside, women just want to get married and have kids"

Yeah...BUT ONLY AFTER she's 'had her fun' spending her teens and twenties (and now her early thirties) being a 'free whore' and cum rag for every 'rich'/'handsome'/'romantic'/'exciting'/'edgy' player, 'Bad Boy', and thug who crosses her path and gets her 'tingly'.
But it doesn't end there: the only guy whom she will even then consider 'settling down with' also has to have EVERY quality which she has on her 150+ item checklist -- EACH and EVERY one. After all, she's 'had her fun' now, she has a degree and a 'career', so she's a 'catch'! (and the ironic thing about her being a 'catch' is that she probably IS carrying something 'communicable'!)
This doesn't even take into account the high probability that her future 'live-in'/husband (may God have Mercy on his soul!) will have a future encounter with the legal and Family Court system which will leave him without a home, children (if they're even his), property, and income.
Western women (by their own action or inaction) DEMANDED that this situation which our society is in now, take place. (In a metaphor) they have drunk the 'sweet wine' of their 'liberation' without responsibility or accountability; now let them drain the cup down to the bitter dregs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a couple of years older than you Aaron and have watched women of our age handle the realization they are done (post wall) with some mild amusement. Some, after divorcing or refusing marriage proposals in the past, adopt kids at 40 (heaven help those kids), some attempt to keep riding the cock courosel (usually end up being married guys side piece) and others over pillow their flat, feed their cats and have lots of chardonay on hand as their indebted ass slowly becomes invisible to the society at large. There are a few who realize they missed the boat and accept where they are in life and plan accordingly, but they are a thin minority.

Of note, I married about a decade ago to a younger, traditional non-western woman and pretty much dropped contact with all non-family female acquaintances, but I occassionally see their social media profiles. The years have not been kind to any of them and they are predictably an unhappy bunch (so I hear).

Anonymous said...

That's just lame, lol

Jennifer said...

The pure hatred of women exhibited by crappy and his leg humpers is truly chilling.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

"Unknown said...
The pure hatred of women exhibited by crappy and his leg humpers is truly chilling."

Hatred? wish; it would mean that we care.
The ones who hate are women, and they're being taught to hate and supported in their hate by the feminist propaganda organs of the government, the legal system, the 'education' system, the media, and society.
We just don't care anymore. We've learned not to, and we're warning the younger men.

Jennifer said...

Mommy probably didn't hug him enough.

Jethan said...

No, Cappy doesn't hate women. He talks harshly about them at times, but that's just cuz all the morons are running around ruining everything for everyone else. The fact is this article and others like it have helped me accept that looking for a husband can be my main goal, because it is that important. I don't want college, career, and commute as my default. And some people are kind enough to state that it doesn't have to be that way.

Robert What? said...

Kudos to you. They don't make many like you any more.

Robert What? said...

She means well but it is terrible advice. We're talking almost a guaranteed sexless marriage followed by Divorce Rape.

Robert What? said...

Hmm.. yes he hates women so much he wants them to be happy. You apparently want them to be miserable for your virtue signalling needs.

Unknown said...

The world has become an insane asylum where the inmates are in charge.